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CIC News for 18-03-2014 contains 44 articles: cybercrime(18),cyber security(15),data breach(7),other(4)

CIC News update contains 42 English and 2 Dutch articles for today.
In today's English news articles: 17 related to cybercrime, 15 related to cyber security, 7 related to data breach and identity theft and 3 for the category other news.
In today's Dutch news articles: 1 related to cybercrime, 0 related to cyber security and 1 for the category other news.

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English cybercrime related news

Fake Malaysia Airlines video on Facebook spreads malware (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 17-03-2014 | The delay in solving the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has given spammers the opportunity to spread malware using fake Facebook post to lure users to malicious websites, an ABC News affiliate has reported.Claiming that the “Malaysia Plane MH370 Has Been Spotted ...
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Hacking threat to online-banking soars - experts (EN) | en.itar-tass.com
| 18-03-2014 | MOSCOW, March 18,/ITAR-TASS/. Anti-virus experts warn about the rising activity of hackers against online banking sites, increasingly facing DDoS attacks along with hacking.“Wrongdoers use banking Trojan programmes to discredit banks’ sites and steal users’ money. Many banks’ ...
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DDoS attacks against NATO likely DNS amplification or NTP reflection, expert suggests (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 17-03-2014 | A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack carried out against various NATO websites on Sunday was likely a Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attack or a Network Time Protocol (NTP) reflection attack â€" or possibly some combination of both â€" according to a DDoS expert.Matth...
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Avast Warns of Widespread Security Issues Once Microsoft Abandons XP (EN) | www.maximumpc.com
| 17-03-2014 | Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek doesn't think Microsoft is doing Windows users a solid by discontinuing support for Windows XP next month. Vlcek digitally inked a cautionary blog post warning Microsoft that turning its back on XP is a "big mistake" that will have negative repercussions not onl...
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EU supports PH's law vs cybercrime (EN) | www.abs-cbnnews.com
| 18-03-2014 | MANILA - The European Union has given its full support to the government’s actions against cybercrime, including the Cybercrime Prevention Act.“Although three provisions were struck down by the court, the [law] upheld the constitutionality of many provisions that had been challeng...
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Bitcoin stealer malware disguised as application to access MtGox DB (EN) | securityaffairs.co
| 17-03-2014 | The MtGox data leaked by the popular exchange was invented by hackers to infect a large audience with a Bitcoin stealer malware.Last month the biggestMtGoxexchange filed for bankruptcy after it lost nearly850,000 Bitcoins, it is a fraud, according anunknown hacker who breached into th...
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Cyber Attacks Boost Company Reputation Claim Executives (EN) | www.ibtimes.co.uk
| 18-03-2014 | The Economist Intelligence Unit claims that companies which have encountered cyber attacks can use the virtual crime as a business opportunity and enhance their reputation.According to research by the EIU, the majority (67%) of senior executives believe cyber incidents can be an oppor...
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NATO websites hit in denial of service attacks (EN) | www.theinquirer.net
| 17-03-2014 | PROTESTERS are thowing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at NATO systems, according to its Twitter account.NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu took to the social network to tell the world that the assault was taking place, but consoled spectators with the news that no NATO syste...
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Crimea battle continues Ukrainian hackers DDoS NATO websites (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 17-03-2014 | A group of pro-Russian, Ukrainian activists have claimed responsibility for carrying out DDoS attacks on various NATO websites. br /br /A wave of cyber attacks hit NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) websites, and the alliance's Estonia-based cyber defence “centre of excellenc...
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GimmeRAT: Windows Attack Tool Gets Android Functionality (EN) | www.techweekeurope.co.uk
| 18-03-2014 | A remote access Trojan (RAT) that was solely targeting Windows machines has been given Android attack featues, indicating malicious hackers continue to ramp up efforts to crack the Google operating system.Researchers came across the added functionality in WinSpy when investigating an ...
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Researchers' Google Glass Spyware Sees What You See (EN) | www.forbes.com
| 18-03-2014 | If you fret over hackers or intelligence agencies reading your email, wait until they eavesdrop on your eyesight. That’s the troublingâ€"if still remoteâ€"possibility demonstrated by a pair of California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo graduate researchers who have built what may be the...
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National Police’s cybercrime unit gets boost (EN) | businessmirror.com.ph
| 18-03-2014 | THE National Police will expand its Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) by adding units and equipment as it goes full blast in its campaign against computer-related offenses. The expansion of the unit, which is currently headed by Sr. Supt. Gilbert Sosa, was announced on Monday by the Nationa...
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Windows Malware Gets Sophisticated, Targets Android (EN) | www.knowyourmobile.com
| 18-03-2014 | Windows continues to be the most popular and hence most attacked operating system on the planet. But mobile operating systems, namely, Google’s Android OS, have also been getting plenty of attention, too. And like all nasty infections, without treatment, things are only going to get...
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9 of 10 Pinoys are cyber victims (EN) | www.philstar.com
| 19-03-2014 | MANILA, Philippines - Nine out of 10 Filipino Internet users fell victim to cybercrime due to lack of awareness on security features of social networks, the Philippine National Police (PNP) bared yesterday.PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima said he is relying on the capability o...
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20 pc of all malware ever created appeared in 2013: Panda Labs (EN) | www.ciol.com
| 18-03-2014 | ORLANDO, USA: Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has published the results of its 2013 Annual Report, drawn up by PandaLabs.In 2013 alone, cyber-criminals created and distributed 20 percent of all malware that has ever existed, with a total of 30 million new malicious strains...
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How to Understand and Deal With Spam in WordPress [Infographic] (EN) | www.business2community.com
| 18-03-2014 | I regularly come across many bloggers who say they are plagued with spam. Many of them are in despair as they are definitely overwhelmed by unwanted and irrelevant comments that clog up their inboxes (especially if notification is emailed to them).Spam is a real issue and it is very i...
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Massive cyberattacks slam official sites in Russia, Ukraine (EN) | www.csmonitor.com
| 18-03-2014 | The back-and-forth volley of cyberattacks that began last week between Ukraine and Russia hit its highest pitch yet Monday, with Russian websites slammed by an onslaught designed to flood websites until they become unusable. Skip to next paragraph br /br /The open cyber flareup began ...
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English cyber security related news

Averting a National Blackout: Cybersecurity and the Critical Energy Infrastructure (EN) | www.forbes.com
| 17-03-2014 | Heading to the next issue of The Electricity Journal is an article I worked on with Ijeoma Onyeji and Morgan Bazilian of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis. In it, we make our initial foray into the matter of how much we really need to worry about a catastrophic cyber a...
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New victims inducted into botnet preying on websites running ColdFusion (EN) | arstechnica.com
| 17-03-2014 | Investigators have identified more victims of a botnet that collects payment card data and other sensitive information by preying on websites running poorly secured installations of Adobe's ColdFusion Web server platform.Car manufacturer Citroën and e-commerce sites Elightbulbs.com a...
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Schneider Electric Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities by Partnering with McAfee (EN) | online.wsj.com
| 18-03-2014 | Partnership will allow customers to strengthen security and lower costs thanks to dynamic whitelisting capabilities SANTA CLARA, Calif. & RUEIL-MALMAISON, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 18, 2014-- Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, and McAfee, part of ...
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Journalists concerned over Qatar's revised cybercrime law (EN) | www.al-monitor.com
| 17-03-2014 | The Qatar government announced plans to implement a revision to its cybercrime law, prompting concerns that the legislation will further restrict journalism and free expression. br /br /The full draft of the proposed cybercrime law has not yet been released. The move announcing “nec...
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BBB warns of malware that takes hostage consumer and business computers (EN) | www.monroecourier.com
| 17-03-2014 | Connecticut Better Business Bureau is warning consumers and businesses about a new breed of malicious software that can creep into your computer, encrypt all of your personal files so you can no longer open them, and then demand money to decrypt them.A news release by the Federal Trad...
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Grand Theft Auto V PC Scam Infects Computers With Malware (EN) | www.escapistmagazine.com
| 18-03-2014 | Cybersecurity company Trend Micro says unscrupulous dudes are using the promise of a Grand Theft Auto V PC beta test to infect computers with malware."There is no Grand Theft Auto V for PC." Say this to yourself three times and keep it in mind when you receive an email offering an inv...
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Cyber crime focus of upcoming security conference (EN) | gulfnews.com
| 18-03-2014 | Abu Dhabi: Sitting behind a laptop screen, many users of electronic data feel protected from scams and thefts, but this false sense of security makes them prone to a vast array of online thefts and scams, senior security officials warned in the capital on Tuesday. This is why the focu...
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Student wins 2014 Cyber Security Challenge as UK seeks top IT talent (EN) | www.v3.co.uk
| 18-03-2014 | The Cyber Security Challenge has crowned 19-year-old student William Shackleton (pictured left) its latest champion, after he beat 41 competitors at the Masterclass Final.The final challenge was developed by cyber security experts from BT, the Government Communications Headquarters (G...
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Tigo rolls out superior internet security to fight cyber crime (EN) | www.businessghana.com
| 18-03-2014 | Mobile telecoms giant Tigo and a pacesetter has rolled out an upgraded internet security system feature aimed at ensuring that the cyber security of its numerous customers is guaranteed. The system which virtually eliminates spam activities in customers' emails also reduces incidents ...
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Security threat? 10% of government PCs still running Windows XP (EN) | siliconangle.com
| 18-03-2014 | Just like countless businesses and individuals, the US government is finding it hard to let go of Windows XP. Even though its had more than six years to get ready for D-Day, when Microsoft finally ends its technical support for the OS, over ten percent of government PCs are still beli...
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NSA's surveillance spying program using malware (EN) | www.crikey.com.au
| 18-03-2014 | As the cataract of code words and compromises continues to course from Edward Snowden’s cache of classified information, it’s easy to lose track of what, exactly, the US National Security Agency and its allies can and can’t do. So let’s clarify that â€" especially given that l...
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Top-level security conference coming to Abu Dhabi (EN) | www.thenational.ae
| 18-03-2014 | ABU DHABI // Cyber crime, fire safety and emergency response times are just some of the topics to be examined at a high-level security conference. br /br /The International Exhibition for Security and National Resilience brings together experts from around the globe and showcases the ...
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Smart Grid: Smart grid security: WSJ reveals we're 10 bullets away from an 18-month blackout (EN) | www.smartgridnews.com
| 18-03-2014 | Quick Take: You know the power grid has reached a new level of importance when national politicians use it for grandstanding purposes. Personally, I welcome any kind of attention from any kind of politician that will speed the process of meaningful grid security planning and standards...
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Operation Windigo: Linux malware campaign that infected 500,000 Computers Worldwide (EN) | thehackernews.com
| 18-03-2014 | In late 2013, Security Researchers identified thousands of Linux systems around the world infected with the OpenSSH backdoor trojan andcredential stealernamed Linux/Ebury,that allowsunauthorized access of an affected computer tothe remote attackers. Antivirus Firm ESET's Reseacher tea...
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Revel Raises Awareness About XP End-of-Support for Retailers (EN) | vsr.edgl.com
| 18-03-2014 | Revel Systems (revelsystems.com), a provider of iPad point-of-sale (POS) technologies, announced an initiative to raise awareness about the impact that Microsoft’s end of Windows XP support in April will have across retail and hospitality industries. Currently, a large percentage of...
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English data breach and identity theft related news

Men from Ukraine and New York indicted in U.S. cybercrime case (EN) | www.chicagotribune.com
| 17-03-2014 | (Reuters) - Federal prosecutors on Monday announced the indictment of three men they accuse of being members of an international cybercrime ring that tried to steal at least $15 million by hacking into U.S. customer accounts at 14 financial institutions and the Department of Defense's...
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Ukrainians Indicted on Cyber Crime Charges (EN) | www.thefiscaltimes.com
| 17-03-2014 | Federal prosecutors on Monday announced the indictment of three men they accuse of being members of an international cybercrime ring that tried to steal at least $15 million by hacking into U.S. customer accounts at 14 financial institutions and the Department of Defense's payroll ser...
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Data breach at Syracuse City Hall affects retired police officers (EN) | www.cnycentral.com
| 17-03-2014 | SYRACUSE -- ThePresidentof theRetiredPoliceOfficersAssociation says it came as quite a scare to 300 retired Syracuse police officers when they received this letter fromSyracuseCityHall onFriday.Peter Ruszczak told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "I was actually overwhelmed by the number of ...
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Bank Files Unique Suit Against Target (EN) | www.bankinfosecurity.com
| 17-03-2014 | Umpqua Holdings Corp. is the latest U.S. banking institution to file a class action lawsuit against Target Corp., alleging the big-name retailer is responsible for reimbursing card issuers for the expenses and fraud losses they have suffered because of Target's data breach. But the Um...
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Md. nonprofit serving disabled reports data breach (EN) | www.heraldmailmedia.com
| 17-03-2014 | FREDERICK, Md. â€" Someone hacked the computers of a state-licensed provider of services to the developmentally disabled and stole Social Security numbers and medical information for about 9,700 clients, the organization and the state agency that oversees it said Monday. Frederick-bas...
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25,000 cards data compromised in Sally Beauty data breach (EN) | www.ehackingnews.com
| 17-03-2014 | Earlier this month, Krebs on Security first reported that one of the largest retailers of beauty products 'Sally Beauty' had been hacked. At the time, the Sally Beauty said there is no card data involved in the breach.br /br /Today, the company confirmed that its network has been brea...
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Report: Average of 82,000 new malware threats per day in 2013 (EN) | www.pcworld.com
| 18-03-2014 | Malware has been around for more than 40 years,but according to a report from Panda Security20 percent of all of the malware that'sever existed was created in 2013. That’s the equivalent of 30 million new malware threats in one year, or about 82,000 per day.Given that context, you s...
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Other English news

Nieuwe security richtlijnen voor productiefaciliteiten Vitale Infrastructuur (EN) | www.hudsoncybertec.com
| 17-03-2014 | Den Haag, 17 maart 2014 -Hudson Cybertec, specialist op het gebied van cyber security in technische omgevingen, bevestigt zijn positie als cyber security leverancier voor de Nederlandse Vitale Infrastructuur. Recent werd een nieuwe opdracht verworven voor hetschrijven van security ric...
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NY man pleads guilty to credit card fraud (EN) | www.delmarvanow.com
| 17-03-2014 | EASTVILLE â€" Employees at the Cape Center restaurant recognized a man shopping in the store as a person who had made a fraudulent transaction there a month earlier. They called police.Officers found Lester Lamont Walters, 49, of Jamaica, N.Y., driving a rental car with a suspended dr...
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Barracuda Networks launches extensive malware catalogue (EN) | www.itproportal.com
| 18-03-2014 | Barracuda Networks has launched a new weapon in the fight against web-based malware that allows both individuals and businesses to browse, share and analyse threats.br /br /Threatglass lets users to browse website infections by viewing screenshots of the different stages of infection ...
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Dutch cybercrime related news

Linux-botnet geeft Windows malware cadeau (NL) | webwereld.nl
| 18-03-2014 | Een botnet van tienduizend hoofdzakelijk Linux-servers stuurt Windows-gebruikers door naar malwaresites, stuurt iPhone-gebruikers door naar pornosites en spamt iedereen als een bezetene.br /br /De criminelen achter het botnet stelen volgens het antivirusbedrijf ESET persoonsgegevens, ...
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Dutch cyber security related news

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Other Dutch news

New institute for cyber security (NL) | www.delta.tudelft.nl
| 17-03-2014 | TU Delft has teamed up with Leiden University and The Hague University of Applied Sciences to create a new institute aimed at giving working professionals an academic credential in cyber security.Called the Cyber Security Academy, the institute hopes to attract highly educated technic...
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