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CIC News for 15-03-2014 contains 40 articles: cybercrime(17),cyber security(4),data breach(9),other(10)

CIC News update contains 35 English and 5 Dutch articles for today.
In today's English news articles: 15 related to cybercrime, 2 related to cyber security, 9 related to data breach and identity theft and 9 for the category other news.
In today's Dutch news articles: 2 related to cybercrime, 2 related to cyber security and 1 for the category other news.

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English cybercrime related news

Two Acadiana men arrested on child pornography charges (EN) | www.theadvertiser.com
| 14-03-2014 | Two Acadiana men are behind bars after an undercover cyber crime investigation revealed the men were allegedly distributing child pornography.Investigators with the Louisiana Attorney General’s Cyber Crime Unit on Thursday arrested 39-year-old Kenneth Poullard of 905 Crowley on 50 c...
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Twitter Appears To Be Fighting A Massive Botnet, Possibly Involving Millions Of Accounts (EN) | www.businessinsider.com
| 12-03-2014 | Cryptome â€" a site dedicated to publishing vast troves of data from FBI files to leaked emails â€" has published a claim that Twitter has been infected by a vast botnet that could involve millions of accounts, all of which appear to be mindlessly retweeting nonsense.Twitter has alrea...
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Cyberespionage Worm May Have Ties To Multiple Spy Campaigns (EN) | www.darkreading.com
| 14-03-2014 | Finding the sources of inspiration for an idea can be tricky; sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not. Such is the case with the Agent.btz and some of the most publicized cyberespionage tools of recent years.According to researchers from Kaspersky Lab, Agent.btz may have some cousin...
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Fake MH370 video spreading malware on Facebook (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 15-03-2014 | LONDON: A fake video claiming that the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet was spotted near Bermuda Triangle has been spreading on Facebook. The spam video has been enticing users to click on the link has flooded users' timelines and spreading malware. Ac...
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Caribbean Cyber Security Center: 2014 Top (10) Caribbean cyber security predictions for law enforcement (EN) | curacaochronicle.com
| 14-03-2014 | Caribbean law enforcement must understand that Cyber Crime has surpassed the international drug trade yet Caribbean businesses, organizations, and governments have done very little to combat this phenomenon. To put this in perspective, last year the FBI announced that revenues from gl...
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Cyber gang led by ‘Acid House King’ convicted of £1.25million fraud at Swiss Cottage Barclays (EN) | www.hamhigh.co.uk
| 14-03-2014 | Members of a cyber gang who plundered more than £1.25million from a Swiss Cottage bank are facing jail after being found guilty of fraud. The organised crime group â€" led by a former rave promoter dubbed the “Acid House King” â€" used a “trojan horse” device to h...
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Social engineering attacks: Is security focused on the wrong problem? (EN) | tbgsecurity.com
| 14-03-2014 | Malicious social-engineering attacks are on the rise and branching out far beyond simply targeting the financial sector. While some organizations develop employee-awareness training or solicit pen testing, or use some combination of the two, these preventive tactics can only go so far...
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Spam video for 'missing jet near Bermuda Triangle' spreading malware on Facebook (EN) | www.business-standard.com
| 15-03-2014 | A fake video claiming that the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet was spotted near Bermuda Triangle has been spreading on Facebook.The spam video has been enticing users to click on the link has flooded users' timelines and spreading malware.According to metro.co.uk, the fake 'br...
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Cyber crooks increasingly target businesses with malware attacks (EN) | www.thisismoney.co.uk
| 15-03-2014 | Legions of cyber criminals are targeting small businesses due to the potential of ‘higher returns,’ a report today has found. Figures from Financial Fraud Action UK show online banking fraud grew by three per cent to £40.9million compared to the previous year. The industry body's...
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Barclays Cyber Criminals Blew Fortune at Harrods and Selfridges (EN) | www.ibtimes.co.uk
| 14-03-2014 | Former acid house rave organiser turned cyber criminal Tony Colston-Hayter and his gang blew a fortune at Harrods and Selfridges after stealing £1.25m through trojan horse attacks on computers at branches of Barclays Bank.The gang useda hardware device called a KVM switch, which allo...
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Cyber gang behind 1.25m KVM bank fraud convicted (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 14-03-2014 | Members of a cyber crime gang that stole more than £1.25 million from Barclays Bank using a 'KVM' device have been convicted at Southwark Crown Court. The gang gained notoriety last year when they launched three cyber attacks on Barclays and Santander bank branches, using...
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'Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane found in Bermuda Triangle!' Facebook links are profiting hackers (EN) | www.independent.co.uk
| 15-03-2014 | Viral Facebook posts claiming the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight has been found are pieces of malware and links to fake surveys posted by hackers, who are now profiting from people’s growing interest in the story.The posts contain videos that look legitimate and ...
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The New Kind Of DDoS That Could Cripple The Internet (EN) | www.gizmodo.com.au
| 14-03-2014 | If you’re a regular on the internet, you probably know how a DDoS can choke your favourite site with garbage traffic. Well, get used to it, because they’re not going away; they’re actually getting worse. Just this year, a new kind of amplified DDoS attack called a NTP DDoS has s...
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Twitter implements messaging authentication protocol to combat malware (EN) | www.pfhub.com
| 15-03-2014 | Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has finally found a way of lowering the amount of fake Twitter emails being sent to unsuspecting users. At one time, there was a height of 110 million attack emails using the Twitter name. Unfortunately, the emails were created by cyber-criminals with the inte...
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Iran says sabotage prevented at nuclear facility (EN) | www.thehindu.com
| 15-03-2014 | Iranian authorities have prevented attempted sabotage at the country’s heavy water nuclear reactor, a senior official said Saturday without giving specifics as to the nature of the attempted disruption or its suspected initiator. Asghar Zarean, who heads security at the Atomic Energ...
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English cyber security related news

Is It Time for Certified ICS Security Specialists? (EN) | threatpost.com
| 14-03-2014 | The information security field is full of certifications â€" CompTIA, GIAC, CHE, ISC2 CISSP, CISM, with a vastnumber of areas and directions within these families.In the industrial space, the most “unsecured” enterprise sector compared to well-established information security prac...
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NSA denies mass spyware attack - Zuckerberg calls out Obama on future of internet (EN) | www.siliconrepublic.com
| 14-03-2014 | The NSA has dismissed reports of a mass spyware effort as inaccurate and denied it used Facebook servers as a honey trap for surveillance. Now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called on US President Barack Obama to prevent the NSA from derailing the internet. New revelations to emerg...
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English data breach and identity theft related news

Conference to discuss business and cyber crime (EN) | www.springfieldnewssun.com
| 14-03-2014 | SPRINGFIELD â€" A professional hacker and other experts will highlight the damage cyber crimes and data breaches can cause to businesses in the Miami Valley during a conference Tuesday at the Avetec facility in Springfield.The cost to business of cyber crimes in the U.S. is difficult ...
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Consumers Not Powerless in the Face of Credit Card Fraud (EN) | www.nytimes.com
| 14-03-2014 | When you think about the security of your credit and debit cards, consider the facts on the ground.Industry representatives readily admit that thieves are often one step ahead of them and that data breaches are a fact of life. One bank went rogue and publicly called out MasterCard and...
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Target ignored warning of security software on data breach (EN) | www.sltrib.com
| 14-03-2014 | New York • Target Corp. has acknowledged its security software picked up on suspicious activity after a massive cyberattack was launched, but it decided not to take immediate action.The acknowledgement comes after Bloomberg Newsweek reported Thursday that Target’s security team in...
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UPDATE 1-Target warns data breach could be worse than reported so far (EN) | www.reuters.com
| 14-03-2014 | (Reuters) - Target Corp warned that last year's massive security breach could have beenmore extensive than reported so far, leading to further lossesat the No. 3 U.S. retailer."Our investigation of the matter is ongoing and it ispossible that we will identify additional information th...
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Michigan Hospital Breach Linked to Identity Theft Case (EN) | www.healthdatamanagement.com
| 14-03-2014 | DMC Harper University Hospital in Detroit, part of nine-hospital Detroit Medical Center, has notified 1,087 patients that protected health information was discovered during a police investigation into identity theft.The West Bloomfield police department in suburban Detroit found the d...
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Cops: Queens man used data stolen in Target data breach (EN) | www.newsday.com
| 14-03-2014 | A Queens man who used information from the Target data breach was arraigned Friday on grand larceny charges after buying more than $35,000 in gift cards at one store in a span of two weeks, Suffolk police said. Terron Stowe, 27, was caught Thursday night at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Isla...
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Target credit card data breach: Retailer not alone in making disastrous Intenet security decisions (EN) | www.techtimes.com
| 15-03-2014 | In an age when every person is expected to be super vigilant regarding their personal online security, why would Target execs ignore warnings that their system was vulnerable to hackers?This is the question consumers should ask themselves is whether or not other retailers or businesse...
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HealthSource of Ohio Data Breach Exposes 8,800 Patients' Personal Info (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 14-03-2014 | Names, addresses and phone numbers were exposed, along with some Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. HealthSource of Ohio (HSO), a non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), recently announced that 8,800 patients' personal information may have been e...
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Call center set up on data breach (EN) | www.jamestownsun.com
| 14-03-2014 | BISMARCK -- The North Dakota University System is operating a call center to answer questions about a computer system server breach in February that put personal information for thousands of people at risk.AllClear ID will be operating the center, which can be reached at (...
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Other English news

Westbury Chili’s Waitress Arrested for Skimming Credit Cards from Customers (EN) | www.longisland.com
| 14-03-2014 | The worker is accused of stealing nearly $5440 by skimming credit cards which her clients used to pay their checks. A Flushing woman was arrested at her place of work in Westbury on the evening of Thursday, March 13. The Nassau Crimes Against Property Squad reports that 24...
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Several charged in credit card fraud investigation (EN) | www.wbtv.com
| 14-03-2014 | ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Five people were arrested in Rowan County in what investigators are calling a "large scale financial fraud scheme."On Thursday, deputies stopped a 2011 Acura SUV, with Texas registration, on I-85 for a routine traffic infraction.The driver of the vehicle, 28-...
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NSA ontkent miljoenen computers met malware te besmetten (EN) | tweakers.net
| 15-03-2014 | De Amerikaanse geheime dienst NSA ontkent dat het miljoenen computers heeft besmet met malware om zo informatie te onderscheppen. Bovendien doet de NSA zich volgens een eigen verklaring niet voor als 'Amerikaanse sociale media of Amerikaanse websites'.De NSA noemt berichtgevingover he...
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Analysis of, Malware from the MtGox leak archive (EN) | www.securelist.com
| 14-03-2014 | A few days ago the personal blog and Reddit account of MTgox CEO, Mark Karpeles, were hacked. Attackers used them to post a file, MtGox2014Leak.zip, which they claim contains valuable database dumps and specialized software for remote access to MtGox data. But this application is actu...
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Weak Apple PRNG Threatens iOS Exploit Mitigations (EN) | it.slashdot.org
| 14-03-2014 | "A revamped early random number generator in iOS 7 is weaker than its vulnerable predecessor and generates predictable outcomes. A researcher today at CanSecWest said an attacker could brute force the Early Random PRNG used by Apple in its mobile operating system to bypass a number of...
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Researcher finds easier way to exploit iOS 7 kernel vulnerabilities (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 14-03-2014 | Vulnerabilities in iOS 7 may now be a little easier to exploit. Tarjei Mandt, a security researcher with Azimuth Security, published a white paper on Wednesday that breaks down exactly how the Early Random PRNG â€" which protects mobile operating systems, including iOS 7, from kernel ...
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Mobile Malware, Ransomware, Signed Binaries on the Rise, McAfee Finds (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 14-03-2014 | While multiple forms of malware continued to grow in 2013, some types declined, according to McAfee Labs' fourth-quarter security report, which was released March 10. Among key trends observed by McAfee Labs, an Intel company, is a rise in the use of signed binaries by malicious code....
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Technology 'used to sexually exploit 370 young people in the UK' (EN) | www.channel5.com
| 15-03-2014 | Do you know what your children get up to online? What about the websites they visit? Or the people they message on their mobile phones?New research by the children's charity Barnardo's found technology was used to sexually exploit 370 young people in the UK last year.They ...
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Overheid VS geeft plots controle over beheer internet op (EN) | tweakers.net
| 15-03-2014 | De overheid van de Verenigde Staten heeft plotseling de controle opgegeven over het beheer van het dns voor internet. Vanaf 2015 zal de controle over dat belangrijke gedeelte van het internet in handen liggen van een samenwerkingsverband van internationale belanghebbenden.Die belanghe...
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Dutch cybercrime related news

Zorgen over veiligheid data nu einde Windows XP nadert (NL) | www.volkskrant.nl
| 15-03-2014 | Het College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens maakt zich ernstig zorgen over de beveiliging van gegevens van burgers nu gemeenten steeds meer privacygevoelige gegevens in beheer krijgen door de decentralisering van taken door de rijksoverheid. Vicevoorzitter Wilbert Tomesen van het CBP zeg...
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Valse ING e-mails lijken net echt  (NL) | www.opgelicht.nl
| 13-03-2014 | Valse e-mails uit naam van ING komen in vele varianten. De laatste dagen zijn diverse oplichtingsmailtjes opgedoken die wel heel erg goed nagemaakt zijn. Toch is er één basisregel om een valse mail te herkennen: iedere mail waarin naar uw wachtwoord of persoonlijke gegev...
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Dutch cyber security related news

CBP bezorgd over beveiliging gemeenten met Windows XP (NL) | www.nu.nl
| 15-03-2014 | Het College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP) is bezorgd over de beveiliging van gegevens van burgers door gemeenten. Extra reden tot zorg is het binnenkort verouderde Windows XP, dat veel gemeenten nog gebruiken. Dat zegt vice-voorzitter Wilbert Tomesen van het CBP zater...
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CBP bezorgd over XP-gebruik bij gemeenten (NL) | www.security.nl
| 15-03-2014 | Het College bescherming persoonsgegevens (CBP) maakt zich zorgen over het gebruik van Windows XP bij gemeenten en de gevolgen die dit kan hebben op de bescherming van persoonsgegevens. Zeker nu gemeenten steeds meer privacygevoelige gegevens in beheer krijgen door overheidstaken over ...
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Other Dutch news

Thousands in Vodafone data breach (NL) | www.nltimes.nl
| 15-03-2014 | Vodafone accidentally released data oftens of thousands of customers, due to a combination of technical and human error. The phone numbers have been included in phone books and databases of directory services.Numbers of customers who wanted their information published were not.<...
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