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CIC News for 13-03-2014 contains 41 articles: cybercrime(17),cyber security(13),data breach(8),other(3)

CIC News update contains 38 English and 3 Dutch articles for today.
In today's English news articles: 15 related to cybercrime, 12 related to cyber security, 8 related to data breach and identity theft and 3 for the category other news.
In today's Dutch news articles: 2 related to cybercrime, 1 related to cyber security and 0 for the category other news.

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English cybercrime related news

Account-hijacking Trojan spreads via Facebook messages (EN) | www.net-security.org
| 12-03-2014 | Private messages delivering what seems to be an image are spreading like wildfire on Facebook, as the file in question triggers the download of a Trojan that compromises the victims' computer and Facebook account to spread the malware further.The infection chain starts lik...
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Wordpress hack connects users to botnet (EN) | www.techradar.com
| 12-03-2014 | More than 100,000 Wordpress websites have conscripted into a botnet which forces them them to inadvertently launch DDoS attacks. Security firm Sucuri found the botnet when analysing an attack targeting one of its customers and traced the source of the attack to legitimate WordPress si...
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Inside China's Market for Mobile Cybercrime (EN) | www.securityweek.com
| 12-03-2014 | Market research firm eMarketer predicts that more than 4.5 billion people in the world will use a mobile phone in 2014.That means more customers for smartphone companies; it also means more potential victims for attackers.That reality has made for a boom in the market for malware and ...
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New fear: Worm that ransacked US military PCs was blueprint for spies' super-malware (EN) | www.theregister.co.uk
| 12-03-2014 | A mystery worm that burrowed into US military computers to steal secrets six years ago may have inspired the development of subsequent government-grade malware Red October, Turla, Flame and Gauss.Researchers at Kaspersky Lab reached this conclusion after finding similarities between A...
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FIA arrest three (EN) | www.thenews.com.pk
| 13-03-2014 | LAHOREFIA arrested three persons on different charges from Faisalabad and Lahore on Wednesday.A team of FIA Cyber Crime Circle, Lahore, raided an illegal gateway exchange and seized around 650 SIM cards, two PTCL EVO devices and three laptops. The FIA team arrested two accused, includ...
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Malware from spying on governments now used in cybercrime, Sophos says (EN) | www.itbusiness.ca
| 12-03-2014 | Advanced persistent threats (APTs), once the province of hackers hired to spy on foreign governments and to gather intelligence, are no longer a rarity in the world of cybercrime â€" cybercriminals are now using them to make money, according to new research from security solutions pro...
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NSW Police Online Untitled (EN) | www.police.nsw.gov.au
| 13-03-2014 | Detectives from State Crime Command’s Fraud and Cybercrime Squad have charged a man with one count of fraud totalling $198,000. Strike Force McMaster is a Fraud and Cybercrime Squad investigation into alleged mortgage and equipment finance fraud, whereby a number of dummy companies ...
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NSA reportedly posed as Facebook to infect computers with malware (EN) | seattletimes.com
| 12-03-2014 | The NSA has been using a program code-named Turbine to contaminate computers and networks with malware “implants” capable of spying on users, according to news website The Intercept. The National Security Agency has reportedly used automated systems to infect user comp...
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Advertising outstrips porn as top malware gateway (EN) | www.arnnet.com.au
| 13-03-2014 | Advertising has overtaken pornography as the number one mobile content leading to malware, according to the latest BlueCoat malware report.In 2013, 'malvertising' outstripped porn three-to-one as the top malware gateway.It found that advertising directed mobile users to malware throug...
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NTP Amplification DDoS Attacks Increasing (EN) | threatpost.com
| 12-03-2014 | An ever-shrinking number of vulnerable network time protocol (NTP) servers are being used with customized distributed denial of service (DDoS) toolkits to perform increasingly potent NTP amplification attacks.According to the DDoS mitigation specialists at Prolexic, who issued a high ...
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Philippine media question controversial provisions in Cybercrime Prevention Act (EN) | www.mindanaoexaminer.com
| 12-03-2014 | MANILA (Mindanao Examiner / Mar. 12, 2014) â€" Filipino media groups on Wednesday have asked the Supreme Court to nullify questionable provisions in the Cybercrime Prevention Act, particularly the controversial clause on online libel.The National Union of Journalists of th...
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The Mad State of Malware (EN) | www.huffingtonpost.com
| 13-03-2014 | Last month, I wrote about malware and its impact on businesses. I want to expand on that topic this week as malware is one of the fastest growing threats the security industry is facing. As a matter of fact, a 2012 survey conducted by security firm Panda Labs, found that 32 percent of...
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Malware: Weapon of mass disruption (infographic) (EN) | www.siliconrepublic.com
| 13-03-2014 | The US, South Korea and Canada were the top advanced persistent threat (APT) targets in 2013, with the US, Canada and Germany victimised by the highest number of unique malware families, networking security firm FireEye’s 2013 Advanced Threat Report reveals. More than 100 APT famili...
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Thoughts on exploiting trust and targeting security's weakest link (EN) | blogs.csoonline.com
| 13-03-2014 | Social engineering, including Phishing, is my favorite form of attack. Hands down, it's the most cost effective, and often the simplest method of cracking an organization's defenses. Some say this isn't hacking, arguing that it takes little "skill" and therefore isn't worthy of a "tru...
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Waarom is cryptoware zo succesvol? (EN) | www.computable.nl
| 13-03-2014 | Het is code rood rondom de ‘nieuwe’ dreiging van cryptoware. Althans: de publicatie van de Nederlandse politie en het NCSC duidt erop dat er blijkbaar een bepaalde grens is overschreden. Interessant, want het gebeurt eigenlijk maar zelden dat er vanuit justitie een waarschuwing ov...
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English cyber security related news

Lockheed Martin acquires Industrial Defender (EN) | www.gsnmagazine.com
| 12-03-2014 | Lockheed Martin will acquire Industrial Defender, a cybersecurity firm that creates security software for critical infrastructure control systems throughout the chemical, oil, and gas industries."Lockheed Martin is a leader in cyber technology and IT security," said Industrial Defende...
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Cyber-security lessons for UK schools (EN) | www.bbc.com
| 13-03-2014 | Plans to teach children as young as 11 about careers in cyber-security have been announced. New learning materials would be offered to UK schools to publicise jobs in the sector, the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills said. A recent report said limited awareness of cyber-...
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Windows and Android malware continue to steal show (EN) | www.ciol.com
| 12-03-2014 | Research shows an increase of almost 80 percent in Windows malware and 800 percent increase in Android malware as compared to 2012 News | CIOL Bureau INDIA: Quick Heal Technologies Pvt Ltd has released the findings from its Annual Windows Malware report, where PC continues to be the e...
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Protection against DDoS AttacksTelecoms & IT (EN) | www.zawya.com
| 13-03-2014 | Today, numerous surveys of IT decision makers cite the issue of security and availability as the major impediment to the adoption of cloud computing. After a string of high-profile attacks against financial services companies and online retailers, data centers are increasingly the tar...
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5 Tips for Securing Enterprise Middle East Data Centers Against Sophisticated DDoS Attacks (EN) | it.tmcnet.com
| 12-03-2014 | Mahmoud Samy, Area Head, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan at Arbor Networks Since the dawn of the computing age, hackers and network security professionals have been in a constant tug of war between advancements and innovation, success and failure.Today, numerous surv...
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Cats and ducks: Ten quirky cyber-crime tricks (EN) | thetally.efinancialnews.com
| 13-03-2014 | Although firms are responding by ramping up their security measures and running industry-wide exercises with names that sound like B-movie sci-fi thrillers, criminals are finding increasingly creative ways to target their greatest vulnerability: humans.Yes, you, the employee. Social e...
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NSA Automates Cyber Crime Techniques For Mass Hacking (EN) | www.techweekeurope.co.uk
| 13-03-2014 | The world already knew the National Security Agency (NSA) was using the same methods as digital criminals to hack people’s phones, but the latest Edward Snowden revelations have shown the agency has plans to automate many of the processes.The system, known as Turbine, was designed t...
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Rbrute Trojan hacks Wi-Fi routers to help spread Sality (EN) | www.net-security.org
| 13-03-2014 | Researchers from Russian AV company Dr. Web have recently analyzed a Trojan that hacks Wi-Fi routers in order to facilitate the spreading of the infamous Sality malware family.Sality is one of the oldest malware families out there, and its partly due to its spreading...
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Malware Code Used In Target Data Hack Contained Some 'Intriguing Leads' (EN) | www.businessinsider.com.au
| 13-03-2014 | Bloomberg Businessweek has come out with a big cover story on the Target data hack, which revealed odd references to Ukraine in the malware code used for the attack.The magazine’s reporting revealed Target probably could have prevented the hack if it paid attention to security alert...
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Multiple layers now required for effective security report (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 13-03-2014 | A report from NSS Labs says that industry criticism of standard antivirus (AV) software, which is often said to `miss' the latest security threats - is unjustified, as the latest generation of security software uses multiple methodologies to spot various types of attacks.The analysis ...
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Top 5 tips to increase cyber security in the workplace (EN) | realbusiness.co.uk
| 12-03-2014 | Simple human error and a lack of security awareness are often the root causes of cyber security breaches in the workplace, with statistics showing 38 per cent of breaches are internal.1. PasswordsBelieve it or not, top passwords for 2013 included ‘123456’, ‘Pas...
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Security Vendors Deny Whitelisting Government-Sanctioned Malware (EN) | securitywatch.pcmag.com
| 13-03-2014 | Researchers at F-Secure's Response Labs constantly track the latest malware trends. Twice a year they roll up their findings into a hefty threat report. This is no minor summary, it's a 40-page tome packed with mini-articles that are actually quite readable. I'll hit some of the high ...
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English data breach and identity theft related news

McAfee releases report on Target data breach (EN) | www.kliv.com
| 12-03-2014 | McAfee has given a different take on the massive Target data breach that the assessment given by federal authorities. McAfee is calling the massive holiday shopping season breach at Target a simple operation, directly contradicting the statement by the U.S. Secret Service that the br...
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Visa, MasterCard Unite to Check Data Breach (EN) | www.nasdaq.com
| 12-03-2014 | Although share prices remained almost constant for Visa Inc. ( V ) and MasterCard Incorporated ( MA ), no one can deny the importance of the major news at present in the payment processing space- the collaboration of these two industry bigwigs. In the realm of data breaches, both the ...
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Florida leads nation in fraud complaints (EN) | www.bizjournals.com
| 12-03-2014 | Florida ranks first in the country in the number of fraud complaints last year, with nearly 1,000 complaints per 100,000 peopleA large population of older residents who are considered more vulnerable to scams and a great number of foreclosures are among the reasons for the state’s n...
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UM data breach slightly smaller than thought (EN) | www.baltimoresun.com
| 12-03-2014 | A cyber attack at the University of Maryland, College Park, affected 21,499 fewer people than originally thought after an analysis revealed the database contained some incomplete and inaccurate data, university officials said Wednesday.Hackers obtained records including names and Soci...
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Skagit County Fined $215,000 for Data Breach (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 12-03-2014 | Almost 1,600 patients' names, descriptions of services, and costs and dates of services were mistakenly made available online. The Seattle Times reports that Washington's Skagit County has agreed to pay $215,000 and to undergo ongoing monitoring as part of a resolution agr...
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Three Times As Much Malware in 2013 - McAfee (EN) | allafrica.com
| 12-03-2014 | The McAfee Labs Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2013 has found the number of digitally signed malware samples tripled over the course of 2013.This growth was largely attributed to misuse of automated Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) that wrap malicious code within digitally signed ...
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UMD Data Breach Not as Widespread; Older Records Accessed (EN) | www.nbcwashington.com
| 13-03-2014 | The University of Maryland data breach may not be as widespread as first feared, but school officials say older records may have been accessed. According to school officials, more than 20,000 record contained incomplete or inaccurate data, bringing the total number of alumni, students...
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APNewsBreak: NYC transit agency has data breach (EN) | online.wsj.com
| 13-03-2014 | NEW YORK â€" The Social Security numbers and other personal information of about 15,000 New York City transit workers has been found on a CD inside a refurbished computer sold by a retailer, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press."While we do not suspect nor have seen ...
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Other English news

Revealed: how the NSA scans millions of PCs for data (EN) | www.metroweekly.com
| 12-03-2014 | It's no secret that the National Security Administration loves collecting data from computers. As German paper Spiegel reported last year, the NSA can track a user's data from the moment they start using a piece of equipment by intercepting equipment and installing tracking software o...
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NSA infects computers with malware using faked Facebook (EN) | blogs.computerworld.com
| 13-03-2014 | The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is once again close to denying reports that it is indiscriminately monitoring every computer on planet Earth. This time, the freshest, newest, most recent report of NSA mass-surreptitiousness (courtesy Edward Snowden -- ta) alleges the sneaky ag...
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NCSC houdt congres op 14 juni (EN) | www.telecompaper.com
| 13-03-2014 | Het Nationale Cyber Security Center (NCSC) organiseert op 14 juni een symposium over de Nationale Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA). De ministeries van EZ, V& J, Defensie, BZK, Financiën en I&M financieren samen onderzoek en ontwikkeling binnen de kaders van de NCSRA, me...
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Dutch cybercrime related news

Valse kankerdiagnose gebruikt voor verspreiden malware (NL) | www.security.nl
| 13-03-2014 | Britse internetgebruikers zijn gewaarschuwd voor e-mails met een zogenaamde kankerdiagnose die in werkelijkheid malware bevat. De e-mails hebben als onderwerp "IMPORTANT: Blood analysis result", "IMPORTANT: Blood analysis" en "IMPORTANT: Complete blood count (CBC)result".De e-mails zo...
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Geef malware geen kans met deze maatregelen (NL) | computerworld.nl
| 13-03-2014 | Het moest maar eens afgelopen zijn met al die infectie. In deze gids onder meer tips om phishing te vermijden en om alle programma's hun eigen sandbox te geven. Je gegevens, je portemonnee en je identiteit lopen gevaar in allerlei duistere hoekjes van het web en een ramp kan zich volt...
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Dutch cyber security related news

Vrees voor afluisteren op atoomtop Den Haag (NL) | destentor.nl
| 13-03-2014 | DEN HAAG - Nederland vreest voor de digitale veiligheid van de deelnemers aan de nucleaire top in Den Haag. Er wordt veel tijd en geld gestoken in het voorkomen van afluisteren en 'cyberwarfare'. Dat bevestigen bronnen rond de top. "Er gaat veel energie in zitten", aldus e...
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Other Dutch news

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