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CIC News for 12-03-2014 contains 41 articles: cybercrime(22),cyber security(4),data breach(11),other(4)

CIC News update contains 38 English and 3 Dutch articles for today.
In today's English news articles: 19 related to cybercrime, 4 related to cyber security, 11 related to data breach and identity theft and 4 for the category other news.
In today's Dutch news articles: 3 related to cybercrime, 0 related to cyber security and 0 for the category other news.

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English cybercrime related news

Trojan injecteert TANcode-steler op website beveiligingsbedrijf (EN) | hacknieuws.nl
| 11-03-2014 | Een recent ontdekte variant van de Zeus Trojan wijzigt op besmette computers de websites van banken en een beveiligingsbedrijf, zodat slachtoffers uiteindelijk Androidmalware installeren die via sms verstuurde TANcodes kan stelen. De aanval door Zeus begint met de infectie van een Win...
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Tajikistan to step up cyber-crime prevention (EN) | centralasiaonline.com
| 11-03-2014 | DUSHANBE â€" The Tajik Interior Ministry (MVD) considers fighting cyber-crime ahigh priority. Lack of institutional experience and cyber-crime specialists have long hampered the country's efforts. But Dushanbe in January â€" in response to President Emomali Rakhmon's stanc...
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2013: A Perilous Year on the Internet (EN) | www.technewsworld.com
| 11-03-2014 | The Internet may be indispensable to many, but it's treacherous as well. "Internet citizens today are like the intrepid settlers of the American West 200 years ago," said Paco Hope, principal consultant with Cigital. "We need to be vigilant, protect ourselves a bit more than we might ...
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Russian spyware targets West (EN) | www.stuff.co.nz
| 11-03-2014 | A sophisticated piece of spyware has been quietly infecting hundreds of government computers across Europe and the United States in one of the most complex cyber espionage programs uncovered to date.Several security researchers and Western intelligence officers say they believe the ma...
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Dell comes up with some scary malware news (EN) | www.fudzilla.com
| 11-03-2014 | Dell has found 78 billion instances where remotely accessed malware opened the door to a risk that can cause significant damage. The Dell SonicWALL Threat Research Team has released its annual threat report for 2013. The report is based on data collected by the Dell SonicWALL Global R...
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Kidwelly police officers turn focus to cyber crime (EN) | www.llanellistar.co.uk
| 12-03-2014 | KIDWELLY police officers are focusing on cyber crime, it has been revealed. Giving a police report to members of Kidwelly Town Council at their latest meeting, PCSO Ben Holding and PC Gary Cutler informed that with the ever increasing use of social networking, police are noticing an i...
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DDoS attack is launched from 162,000 WordPress sites (EN) | news.cnet.com
| 11-03-2014 | Using unsuspecting WordPress sites as amplification vectors, a hacker takes down a popular Web site for hours. With some old-fashioned trickery, hackers were able to get more than 162,000 legitimate WordPress-powered Web sites to mount a distributed-denial-of-service attac...
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PwC Report: Cyber, Economic Crime Is Growing (EN) | bernews.com
| 12-03-2014 | Some 45% of financial services respondents to PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey say they have been victims of economic crime.And 39% of those respondents who reported economic crime during the survey period say they have been victims of cybercrime, as fraudsters increasingly t...
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4 schools’ networks used as ‘robots’ to hack US financial entities (EN) | technology.inquirer.net
| 12-03-2014 | MANILA, Philippines â€" Cyber criminals have hacked the computer networks of four private schools in the country, including two in Metro Manila, to penetrate several financial institutions in the US last year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) disclosed on Wednesday.Senior Supt. Gi...
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Head of National Cyber Crime Unit laments IT skills gap (EN) | www.itpro.co.uk
| 11-03-2014 | Cybercrime law enforcers must forge closer ties with industry to plug an IT skills gap that has the potential to hamper their investigative powers.That’s according to Andy Archibald, head of the Government’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCU), who used his address at today’s E-Crim...
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Can we test protection against targeted attacks? (EN) | nakedsecurity.sophos.com
| 12-03-2014 | In my day job as a tester of anti-malware solutions, for some time now I've been getting asked the same question by all sorts of people. They want to know how I plan to test against Advanced Persistent Threats, aka APTs.It may seem like an obvious question - APTs are considered a majo...
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Researchers prove Wi-Fi at risk for malware attacks (EN) | www.techrepublic.com
| 12-03-2014 | There's new proof that Wi-Fi is capable of propagating malware, and current antimalware is ineffective. Find out how to stop these attacks. Three researchers from the University of Liverpool have created a digital malware code named Chameleon. The malware only attacks Wi-F...
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The current state of cybercrime and cyberwar - live updates from CIT (EN) | www.irishexaminer.com
| 11-03-2014 | A topical conference about cybercrime takes place today at Cork Institute of Technology. Organised by the MA in Journalism with New Media class, 'The current state of cybercrime and cyberwar’ will explore a number of perspectives in the world of online crime and journalism. Read more

Tech-savvy fraudsters target financial services firms (EN) | www.royalgazette.com
| 12-03-2014 | Economic crime against financial services organisations is on the rise around the world, according to a just-released PwC report.It found that fraud is increasing in financial services industries compared to other industries, and fraudsters are increasingly using technology as their m...
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Dendroid: A Tool That Converts Apps to Malware (EN) | rightstartups.com
| 11-03-2014 | It was only a matter of time before it became easy to purchase an online tool that would turn any Android app into malware. It’s called Dendroid and only costs $300, coming with 24-hour support. Without surprise, the developers accept Bitcoin as well. This was first discovered...
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Bitcoin, Meet Darwin: Crypto Currency's Future (EN) | www.informationweek.com
| 12-03-2014 | In five years, might the Bitcoin market be little more than a smoking ruin?That's the dystopian future facing crypto-currency traders, if the current pace of attacks against Bitcoin exchanges and holders continues. Both could see a never-ending onslaught of distributed denial-of-servi...
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Malicious advertising offers broad reach and quick rewards for malware perpetrators (EN) | www.csoonline.com
| 12-03-2014 | â€" CSO â€" A burgeoning and dynamic online advertising market is creating an abundance of opportunity for cyber criminals. It's doing that by giving online bandits a vehicle for infecting millions of users through some of the biggest names on the Internet with malicious a...
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Hackers invaded 4 schools, police warn (EN) | www.abs-cbnnews.com
| 13-03-2014 | MANILA, Philippines - The computer systems of four established schools were accessed and used by cyber criminals in illegal activities, the Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) bared.ACG chief Senior Superintendent Gilbert Sosa said the schools’ computer system was infected with “bo...
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NSA spying: Tactics include Facebook fakery, spam and more, report says (EN) | www.siliconbeat.com
| 12-03-2014 | The NSA has pretended to be a Facebook server in order to gain access to computers and steal data, according to the newest report based on the Edward Snowden leaks.The Intercept report presents more details about National Security Agency tactics that involve installing malware on comp...
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English cyber security related news

Youth groups to SC: Overturn cybercrime ruling (EN) | www.rappler.com
| 11-03-2014 | MANILA, Philippines â€" Youth groups want the Supreme Court (SC) to overturn its ruling declaring most provisions of the Cybercrime Prevention Act constitutional.In an 11-page motion for reconsideration (MR) filed Tuesday, March 11, leftist youth leaders said the SC ruling "curtails f...
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It's 2014 and Microsoft Windows PCs can still be owned by a JPEG (EN) | www.theregister.co.uk
| 11-03-2014 | Patch Tuesday Microsoft has fixed security bugs in Internet Explorer and Windows that allowed hackers to remotely execute code on victims' vulnerable machines â€" one bug a result of poor JPEG handling.Redmond said the March edition of Patch Tuesday â€" out today, natch â€" tackles pr...
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DDoS attacks on the rise in the Middle East - CIOL (EN) | www.ciol.com
| 12-03-2014 | DUBAI, UAE: Numerous surveys of IT decision makers cite the issue of security and availability as the major impediment to the adoption of cloud computing. With the presence of cyber-criminal groups such as Anonymous and the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) carrying out co-ordinated attack...
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Deep Web to further challenge law enforcement: Trend Micro (EN) | zeenews.india.com
| 12-03-2014 | New Delhi: The 'Deep Web' community will further challenge the authority of law enforcement agencies around the globe this year, cyber security solutions firm Trend Micro said today.Deep Web is an underground online community which offers its users anonymity through untrac...
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English data breach and identity theft related news

Leader of Identity Theft Ring Gets 12 Years in Prison (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 11-03-2014 | Jenaro Blalock, 31, of Clinton, Md. was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, for leading an identity theft ring that primarily targeted U.S. government employeees.Blalock, who pled guilty on October 29, 2013 to access device fr...
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Visa, MasterCard Unite to Check Data Breach (EN) | www.zacks.com
| 11-03-2014 | Although share prices remained almost constant for Visa Inc. (V - Analyst Report) and MasterCard Incorporated (MA - Analyst Report), no one can deny the importance of the major news at present in the payment processing spaceâ€" the collaboration of these two industry bigwigs. In the r...
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The alarming cyber underground (EN) | www.postandcourier.com
| 12-03-2014 | The emerging story of the conspiracy to steal customer records from Target reads like something out of a modern suspense novel - or maybe the latest creepy revelation about the National Security Agency or the CIA.In this case, however, the cyber whizzes apparently belong to an organiz...
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COLUMBIA, SC: Members of SC credit card fraud ring sentenced to federal prison (EN) | www.thestate.com
| 11-03-2014 | COLUMBIA, SC â€" Nine members of a credit card fraud ring that operated in South Carolina were sentenced in Columbia Tuesday to federal prison terms ranging from 2 to 5 years, US Attorney Bill Nettles said. Members of the gang used hand-held credit card reading devices - called skimme...
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Cyber-crime cost Irish economy €350m in 2013 (EN) | www.independent.ie
| 12-03-2014 | ONE-in-five Irish people have been the victim of cyber-crime, which cost the Irish economy over €350m last year alone.

And many victims don't even realise they have been t...
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Second man arrested in Waikiki ATM skimming scheme (EN) | waikiki.hawaiinewsnow.com
| 11-03-2014 | HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)- Authorities in Seattle have arrested the second of two suspects charged last year in connection with an ATM skimming scheme.33-year-old Armen Apoyan was arrested Tuesday according to Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro.A co-defendant, Argishti Khachaturyan, ...
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Avoid shopping online from public Wi-Fi hotspots (EN) | www.shopsafe.co.uk
| 12-03-2014 | A web security expert from Europol has spoken out about the risks associated with using Wi-Fi hotspots that are open to the public, according to BBC News.Troel Oerting heads up the agency's cybercrime department and the main implication is that if you want to carry out safe shopping o...
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In Europe, Target's Data Breach Raised Few Alarms (EN) | www.paymentssource.com
| 11-03-2014 | Three months after coming to light, the massive exposure of 40 million card accounts at Target Corp. still has the payments industry and consumers talking about what should be done to prevent this happening again. In the United States, that is.Across the Atlantic, where banks and paym...
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Houston church warns members of identity theft following $600k theft (EN) | www.wcsh6.com
| 12-03-2014 | HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) --Houston's Lakewood Church is warning members they could be targeted by identity thieves in the wake of a $600,000 theft from a safe in the church office discovered Monday. Houston police said about $200,000 in cash was taken. On Tuesday, church officials sent o...
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Card Canceled After Target Data Breach Hit With Fraudulent Charge Anyway (EN) | consumerist.com
| 12-03-2014 | The massive holiday season Target data breach is the gift that just keeps on giving consumers more headaches. Replacing a compromised card may not be enough to prevent fraud, it turns out: criminals may still be able to charge purchases to your old account even if you thought it was c...
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Identity theft measure advances in Colorado (EN) | www.sfgate.com
| 12-03-2014 | DENVER (AP) â€" Colorado motorists would no longer have to sign their vehicle registration cards under an identity-theft measure advancing in the stateLegislature.The state Senate gave unanimous preliminary approval to the bill Wednesday. The measure would remove a requirement that mo...
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Other English news

9 sentenced after pleading guilty in credit card fraud (EN) | www.wistv.com
| 11-03-2014 | COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Nine people have been sentenced to federal prison after pleading guilty to their involvement in a credit card fraud. MOREAdditional Links The U.S. Attorney's office in Columbia announced the sentencing Tuesday. Judge Cameron Currie sentenced Shamal Thompson and Ty...
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Florida Moves to Make "Bullying" and "Cyber-Bullying" a Crime Punishable by a Year in Prison (EN) | libertyblitzkrieg.com
| 11-03-2014 | Apparently, having only 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners isn’t a high enough incarceration rate for America. As such, some states are looking for ways to imprison more of its citizens for non-violent offenses. In this case, I refer to a bill advancin...
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POLICE BEAT: Credit card fraud foiled in Palo Alto (EN) | www.mercurynews.com
| 11-03-2014 | Items selected are from the daily police logs of the cities listed below. Times shown are when the incidents were reported to the police.FRAUD FOILED: Adriano Martins, 32, of Daly City was arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud and attempted burglary at Stanford Shopping Center in...
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NSA has ‘industrial scale’ malware for spying: report (EN) | www.khaleejtimes.com
| 12-03-2014 | The National Security Agency has developed malware that allows it to collect data automatically from millions of computers worldwide, a report based on leaked documents showed Wednesday. The report co-authored by former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald for the online news site The In...
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Dutch cybercrime related news

SMEs learn about cybercrime risks by sector with new 'Cyberrad' (NL) | www.tno.nl
| 11-03-2014 | Today SME Netherlands (MKB-Nederland) and TNO introduce the new Cyberrad, a tool developed by TNO to make entrepreneurs aware of the risks of cybercrime. By turning this wheel risks for each sector will become clear as well as measures that can be taken to prevent or limit business lo...
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Aanvallers DDoS'en met de kracht van 162.000 Wordpress-sites (NL) | webwereld.nl
| 12-03-2014 | Een grote DDoS-aanval is uitgevoerd via tienduizenden Wordpress-sites dankzij het misbruiken van een XML-procedure.Cybervandalen hebben een site platgelegd met een DDoS-aanval via 162.000 Wordpress-sites, melden onderzoekers van beveiligingsbedrijf Sucuri. Het zouden er vo...
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NSA verstuurt malware om internetverkeer te onderscheppen (NL) | www.pcmweb.nl
| 12-03-2014 | De NSA infecteert computers op grote schaal met malware, door gebruik te maken van bugs in webbrowsers en programma's. Dat blijkt uit nieuwe onthullingen van klokkenluider Edward Snowden, die The Intercept in handen heeft. De Amerikanse inlichtingendienst doet zich in sommige gevallen...
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Dutch cyber security related news

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