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CIC News update contains 17 English and 4 Dutch articles for today, have fun reading.

English news articles

New `watch naked video of friends` Facebook malware scam infecting 2mn people (EN) | zeenews.india.com
| 08-03-2014 | Washington: A new Facebook scam, allegedly offering users naked videos of their friends, has been reportedly distributing malware infecting two million people, an anti-malware company has revealed.Romanian anti-malware company Bitdefender said that the scam, spreading malw...
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In cybercrime war, Microsoft extends helping hand to gov’t (EN) | business.inquirer.net
| 08-03-2014 | Software giant Microsoft Corp. hopes to collaborate with Philippine government agencies to further secure the country from cybercriminals.On the sidelines of a forum Friday, Microsoft digital crimes unit chief David Finn said he recently met with officials of various government agenci...
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Critical Infrastructure Networks Not Easy to Protect, Experts Say (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 07-03-2014 | Insiders, break-ins, rogue IT and a lack of good defensive technology combine to make it difficult to effectively secure critical-infrastructure networks. The critical-infrastructure networks that help run and administer water utilities, power plants and manufacturing are susceptible ...
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Credit Card Investigation Leads to Pot Bust: Police (EN) | www.nbcphiladelphia.com
| 07-03-2014 | Police say an investigation of a credit card fraud scheme led to a marijuana bust in Egg Harbor Township. In January of 2014, Egg Harbor Township police detectives began to investigate the fraudulent use of counterfeit credit cards. During the investigation, police say they identified...
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Study: Forty percent of those hit with Cryptolocker ransomware pay up (EN) | www.tweaktown.com
| 07-03-2014 | The Cryptolocker ransomware continues to cause issues for businesses in the US and western world, with 40% of those infected paying upCompanies infected with the Cryptolocker ransomware are willing to pay up, with 40 percent of companies hit sending around $500 to recover ...
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Vancouver investigator uncovers out-of-state child porn cases (EN) | www.columbian.com
| 07-03-2014 | A Vancouver investigator uncovered child pornography cases that led to the arrest of two men living in Tennessee and New York. Maggie Holbrook, one of four computer forensic investigators with the Vancouver Police Department’s Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit, was investigating loca...
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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Spills Over Into Cyberspace (EN) | www.cruxialcio.com
| 07-03-2014 | The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has expanded to the Internet.Ukraine has accused its more powerful neighbor of disrupting mobile communication and defacing websites with propaganda messages, the BBC reported. In response, Ukrainian hactivist group Cyber-Berkut claims to ha...
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Youth arrested for creating fake Facebook accounts of woman (EN) | www.business-standard.com
| 07-03-2014 | A youth was arrested today on the charge of creating fake Facebook accounts of a woman. Mohammed Khaleed, who works as a technician at a pest-control unit in Old Bowenpally area, was arrested by the Cyber Crime Police. He had earlier worked with the complainant woman at a hotel and ha...
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Spyware in government computers 'has Russian paw prints all over it' (EN) | triblive.com
| 08-03-2014 | A sophisticated piece of spyware has been quietly infecting hundreds of government computers across Europe and the United States in one of the most complex cyber espionage programs ever discovered. Several security researchers and Western intelligence officers say they believe the mal...
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British Pregnancy Advice Service Fined for Data Breach (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 07-03-2014 | Hacker James Jeffery accessed thousands of people's personal information in 2012. The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has fined the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) £200,000 following a 2012 breach in which hacker James Jeffery accessed the personal ...
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1 in 30 have been hit by CryptoLocker and 40% pay the ransom, says study (EN) | nakedsecurity.sophos.com
| 07-03-2014 | An annual survey on computer security issues run by a UK university was published last week. Its stats on the prevalence of ransomware, and how many people give in to the crooks and pay the ransom, raised some eyebrows.The University of Kent's 2014 Survey on Cyber Security found that ...
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Cyber crime police arrested seven persons in job fraud case (EN) | www.newswala.com
| 07-03-2014 | Hyderabad, March 7/2014 : The Cyber Crime Police of Cyberabad arrested seven accused namely Vipin Kumar @ Mohit Singh (32) a Businessmen, Sanoo Singh @ Ajay both (27) M Tech student both are resident of Noida , Sandeep Kumar Das @ Sandeep (28) an Wipro employee R/o Gurgaon; for issuin...
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'Russische malware valt Europese overheden aan' (EN) | tweakers.net
| 08-03-2014 | Honderden overheidsnetwerken in Europa en de Verenigde Staten zijn ten prooi gevallen aan malware die uit Rusland afkomstig zou zijn. Het gaat om de zogenoemde Turla-malware, waar al langer onderzoek naar wordt gedaan. De Turla-malware, waarvan het bestaan vorig jaar al aa...
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Myths about DDoS (EN) | blog.fortinet.com
| 07-03-2014 | Last month we explored the History of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks and how they have developed over time. DDoS attacks are one of the most fundamental and their use in disrupting services online has been unabated since the early 1970’s. That being said, DDoS attacks ...
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Millions Of PCs At Risk As Windows XP Death Date Nears (EN) | philadelphia.cbslocal.com
| 08-03-2014 | PHILADELPHIA (CBS) â€" In one month, Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows XP. The millions of computers still running the operating system won’t stop working, but they’ll face a big new security risk.Estimates show about a third of the world’s PCs have XP installed. Since the...
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Dendroid spying RAT malware found on Google Play (EN) | www.net-security.org
| 07-03-2014 | A new Android malware toolkit called Dendroid is being offered for sale by its creators, and at least one of the malicious APKs created with it has managed to fool Google Play's Bouncer.According to Lookout researchers, Dendroid is a moderately sophisticated toolkit, and "...
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Identity theft: Stolen European passports on missing Malaysian airline (EN) | www.hindustantimes.com
| 08-03-2014 | Foreign ministry officials in Rome and Vienna confirm that names of two nationals listed on the manifest of the missing Malaysian airlines flight match passports reported stolen in Thailand. Italy's Foreign Ministry said Saturday that an Italian man whose name was listed as being aboa...
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Dutch news articles

'Nsa Zet Eu-Landen Onder Druk Om Spionage Mogelijk Te Maken' (NL) | www.nutech.nl
| 07-03-2014 | De Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst NSA zet lidstaten van de Europese Unie onder druk om grootschalige spionage mogelijk te maken. Dat schrijft klokkenluider Edward Snowden, die documenten over NSA-spionage aan verschillende journalisten doorspeelde, in antwoord op vragen van Europarlem...
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Nieuwe geraffineerde malware tool ontwikkeld (NL) | www.marqit.nl
| 07-03-2014 | Een nieuwe tool is ontwikkeld waarmee cybercriminelen gemakkelijk legitieme Android applicaties om kunnen zetten tot malware. De tool draagt de naam ‘Dendroid’ en maakt het ontwikkelen van geraffineerde Android malware heel gemakkelijk.Dendroid kan gebruikt worden om “getrojanis...
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Mobiele advertenties gevaarlijker dan porno voor malware (NL) | www.portablegear.nl
| 07-03-2014 | - Als een mobiele gebruiker te maken krijgt met malware komt dat, volgens het onderzoek van Blue Coat, 1 op de 5 keer door een online advertentie. Volgens Blue Coat vormen advertenties 12 procent van de opgevraagde content op mobiele devices, maar zijn zij voor 20 procent verantwoorde...
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'Android-malware kan telefoons overnemen' (NL) | www.nu.nl
| 08-03-2014 | Beveiligingsonderzoekers vonden deze week de Dendroid-toolkit, een stuk software dat het voor kwaadwillenden makkelijk zou maken Android-toestellen over te nemen. Beveiligingsbedrijf Lookout waarschuwt voor voor de zogenoemde Dendroid-toolkit. Het bedrijf spreekt van een p...
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