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CIC News for 03-03-2014 contains 20 articles

CIC News update contains 20 articles for today, have fun reading.

Google Verify Apps feature set for big update (EN) | www.techtimes.com
| 02-03-2014 | Good news for Google users as the company is set to increase the security of its Verify Apps with a big update.Currently, Google scans all the apps that are submitted to its Play Store for known malware, as well offers users the option to scan the apps when installing them.Now Google ...
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Mobile the new malware frontier (EN) | www.dynamicbusiness.com.au
| 03-03-2014 | Not having anti-virus software on your smartphone is a common mistake. In fact, some surveys have estimated only 5 per cent of smartphone users are using mobile antivirus software.However, the threat landscape has now evolved to include a number of malware families which are specifica...
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U.S. Attorney General Urges Data Breach Reporting Law (EN) | www.nacsonline.com
| 03-03-2014 | Eric Holder is calling on Congress to create a national fraud and breach alert system to quickly alert consumers if their information was potentially compromised. March 3, 2014 Page Content​WASHINGTON â€" Last week U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder released a video message that call...
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FBI to launch malware-analysis system to allow people identify bugs (EN) | www.business-standard.com
| 03-03-2014 | The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly announced that it is planning to roll out a malware-analysis system that would help people and businesses identify and report malware attacks.FBI Director James Comey didn't disclose much about the new system, but said that it w...
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Labour seeks cyber-crime crackdown (EN) | www.itv.com
| 03-03-2014 | Labour wants new powers for police and security services to crackdown on cyber-crimes such as child pornography and terrorism, but only with extra checks on how crime agencies are using sensitive data, the shadow home secretary is set to say.Technological developments have sparked a w...
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South Korea's strange cyberwar admission (EN) | www.bbc.com
| 02-03-2014 | We usually think of cyberwar as a secretive world, dominated by spooks and shadowy government agencies. So why did South Korea recently admit that it is developing a cyberweapon to cripple the North's nuclear capabilities? Almost every nation with enough cash is funding its own cyberw...
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Cisco kicks off $300k Internet of Things security competition (EN) | www.theregister.co.uk
| 03-03-2014 | Cisco has announced prizes of up to $US75,000 to get help finding ways to secure the burgeoning Internet of Things.Anyone who watches the procession of SCADA vulnerabilities, the exposures discoverable through the Shodan search engine, or the recent bugs popping up in cars, routers, h...
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New prototype application blocks malware from altering messages, transactions (EN) | www.aninews.in
| 03-03-2014 | Washington, Mar. 3 (ANI): Researchers have created a prototype software, Gyrus, that takes extra steps to prevent malware from sending spam emails and instant messages, and blocks unauthorized commands such as money transfers. Wenke Lee, director of the Georgia Tech Information Securi...
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The Syrian Electronic Army Threatens to Attack the US Central Command (EN) | news.softpedia.com
| 03-03-2014 | The Syrian Electronic Army threatens to target the US government, and not with the types of attacks they’re usually launching. “SEA advises the terrorist Obama to think very hard before attempting ‘cyberattacks’ on Syria,” the hackers wrote on Twitter. “We know what Obama ...
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Middle East businesses face unprecedented levels of cyberattacks (EN) | www.cpifinancial.net
| 03-03-2014 | Middle East businesses face unprecedented levels of cyberattacks, as global security vulnerabilities and threats against systems, applications, and personal networks have reached their highest-ever recorded level, according to the Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report. In the rapidly evol...
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New prototype application blocks malware from altering messages, transactions (EN) | www.business-standard.com
| 03-03-2014 | Researchers have created a prototype software, Gyrus, that takes extra steps to prevent malware from sending spam emails and instant messages, and blocks unauthorized commands such as money transfers.Wenke Lee, director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), said tha...
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Cyber crime centre in Brierfield Mill would create more than 2,000 jobs (EN) | www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk
| 03-03-2014 | A CENTRE for fighting internet crime is being proposed as part of the £25million vision for Brierfield Mill - creating 2,250 jobs. Pendle Council leader Joe Cooney has confirmed that talks are underway to create the North-East Lancashire Cyber Security Business Park as part of the am...
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Bitcoin targeted by 100 malware families (EN) | www.bobsguide.com
| 03-03-2014 | More than 100 uniques families of malware have been created to take advantage of the Bitcoin boom and provide cybercriminals with access to virtual currency around the world, research from Dell reveals.According to Dell SecureWorks, theft is "rife" in the market as data thieves aim to...
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The fallacy of targeted attacks (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 03-03-2014 | It's time to admit that the bad guys can always make a first move, says Damballa's Manos Antonakakis.Over the last few months, I've had the opportunity to visit, meet and hold extensive discussions with a variety of people across the security landscape. In the process, I've realized t...
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How iPhones could end credit-card fraud (EN) | www.marketwatch.com
| 03-03-2014 | If someone steals your credit card, they’d probably have little trouble racking up a hefty bar tab or buying a new TV with the plastic. But MasterCard ma MA -2.29% is experimenting with a new technology to change that by using your smartphone’s geolocation to verify that you are ...
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Anti-virus firm finds alleged Kremlin cyberweapon, undetected for at least three years (EN) | grahamcluley.com
| 02-03-2014 | Security experts at G Data, the German anti-virus firm, have discovered a “very complex and sophisticated piece of malware, designed to steal confidential data”.So far that sounds reasonably interesting, but (frankly) not that extraordinary in these days of targeted attacks agains...
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Mobile malware evolution: 3 infection attempts per user in 2013 (EN) | www.zawya.com
| 02-03-2014 | The experts at Kaspersky Lab have published the results of their analysis of the mobile threat landscape in 2013. Nearly 145 000 new malicious programs for mobile devices detected in 2013, more than three times the previous year's figure of 40059 samples. As of January 1,...
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iCloud Backdoor Exploit (EN) | www.gadgetwide.com
| 02-03-2014 | Call it what you want but a discovery was made today at a McDonald’s drive thru that proved effective. I call it “The Drive Thru Exploit”, this simple trip through a routine drive through today drove right INTO A BACKDOOR directly into Apple’s iCloud System. The entire experie...
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Non-Microsoft security flaws cause biggest headache, says Secunia (EN) | news.techworld.com
| 03-03-2014 | Three quarters of Windows security vulnerabilities in 2013 were connected to non-Microsoft programs that often lack adequate patching mechanisms, an analysis by security firm Secunia has found.Using figures drawn from the firm’s popular Personal Software Inspector (PSI) tool, the av...
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Malaysian citizens arrested for alleged role in cyber crime (EN) | www.thejakartapost.com
| 03-03-2014 | Immigration officials from Batam Port in Batam, Riau Islands, have arrested six Malaysians for allegedly breaching the security of 34 banks in a case of computer-assisted fraud.The officials apprehended the suspects on Friday, shortly before they were due to catch a ferry bound for Jo...
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