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CIC News for 02-03-2014 contains 15 articles

CIC News update contains 15 articles for today, have fun reading.

Identity fraud claims one new victim every two seconds (EN) | www.timesbulletin.com
| 01-03-2014 | DELPHOS â€" Identity theft occurs when a criminal obtains and uses someone else’s personal information â€" credit card numbers, bank account numbers, insurance information or Social Security number â€" to purchase goods or services fraudulently. Identity theft is a state and federal...
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Huge data breach: 360 million cyber accounts compromised, 1.25 billion emails hacked (EN) | www.allvoices.com
| 28-02-2014 | A cybersecurity company has uncovered a "mind boggling” cache of stolen credentials that was available for sale in the online black markets over the past three weeks. Around 360 million compromised login credentials and around 1.25 billion email addresses stemming from multiple brea...
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Smart offers mobile service to guard against credit card fraud (EN) | www.interaksyon.com
| 01-03-2014 | MANILA - Smart Communications Inc has joined the war against ATM and credit card fraud, as it launched a service that would enable locking and unlocking cards using mobile phones.Called “LockByMobile,” the new service provides “an additional layer of security by enabling a prepa...
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Aggressive WiFi attack malware developed in a lab (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 28-02-2014 | New Wi-Fi malware has the potential to cause serious problems if it falls into the wrong hands, according to Professor John Walker, Nottingham-Trent University. A research team with Liverpool University has created an aggressive proof-of-concept piece of malware designed t...
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Fake Work-from-Home E-mails Exploit Fox News and CNN (EN) | www.spamfighter.com
| 01-03-2014 | Bkav has said that its security researchers recently detected two separate spam campaigns that entice Internauts onto one website promoting deceptive scheme that involves work-from-home activity and to make this lure effective, the spam runs exploit Fox News' and CNN's worldwide popul...
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Threat of the Week: Picture Zeus (EN) | www.cutimes.com
| 28-02-2014 | Picture the banking Trojan Zeus hiding in innocuous images â€" photos of your kids, a kitten, a sunset â€" and that just may be the worst horror show imaginable.And it may be coming to a computer near you.That’s the loud alert from security firm Trusteer, which has sounded an alarm ...
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Hackers set their sights on smartphones, tablets (EN) | www.smh.com.au
| 02-03-2014 | In this day and age, if a product runs on electricity there's a good chance it's also connected to the internet. The increasing connectivity of the gadgets around us - known as the Internet of Things - brings convenience but also offers easy access to our personal information. The sam...
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BBB warns of latest breed of malware (EN) | herald-zeitung.com
| 01-03-2014 | SAN ANTONIO â€" Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin is warning consumers of a malware program that accesses your personal computer and holds it hostage. A release by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) explains that “Cryptolock...
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Secure smartphones are nice, but not enough (EN) | www.computerworld.com
| 01-03-2014 | Computerworld - Smartphones are perfect targets for hacking, tracking, surveillance, industrial espionage and malware. Unlike, say, desktop PCs, smartphones often connect promiscuously to many public Wi-Fi networks. They can connect to multiple types of wireless networks, including Wi...
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Ministry endorses draft of Cyber Crime Bill: Anusha (EN) | pakobserver.net
| 01-03-2014 | Saturday, March 01, 2014 - Islamabadâ€"Ministry of Law and Justice has vetted and endorsed the comprehensive draft of Cyber Crime Bill which now be tabled before cabinet. Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Mrs. Anusha Rehman on Friday said on part of ...
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Former Home Healthcare Worker Pleads Guilty to Credit Card Fraud (EN) | wydaily.com
| 01-03-2014 | Former home healthcare worker Jacqueline Marie Jones was found guilty Friday of using an Alzheimer’s patient’s credit card to rack up more than $2,400 in charges.Jones appeared before Williamsburg-James City County Circuit Court where she pleaded guilty on a felony charge of credi...
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German security firm accuses Russian govt. of making malware (EN) | www.aninews.in
| 01-03-2014 | Washington, March 1 (ANI): The German security firm G Data has reportedly accused the Russian government of creating and distributing a malware known as "Uroburos".The author of G Data blog "MN" has alleged that the complexity of the malware and the presence of Cyrillic words in the m...
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Valse e-mail Belastingdienst: 'U heeft een nieuw bericht' (NL) | www.opgelicht.nl
| 28-02-2014 | Oplichters versturen momenteel veel valse e-mails uit naam van de Belastingdienst. De nieuwste variant heeft als onderwerp: 'U heeft een nieuw bericht'. In de mail staat een link naar uw 'berichtenbox'. Klik hier niet op! Deze mail is niet door de Belastingdienst verzonden...
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Should America be Worried What the Stuxnet Virus can do Domestically? (EN) | www.adi-news.com
| 01-03-2014 | This is the question that will be answered in the movie Crow Hill, the latest film by writer and director Rubidium Wu. Crow Hill will follow the the agents charged with the task of recovering the virus from a band of radical environmentalist bent on turning the powerful cyber-weapon ...
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Malware sites to block 2/3/14 (EN) | blog.dynamoo.com
| 02-03-2014 | These domains and IPs are all connected with this gang, some of it appears to be involved in malware distribution, fraud or other illegal activities. I recommend that you block these IPs and domains. Note that some of the IPs listed below are compromised nameservers (marked [ns]) whic...
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