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CIC News for 16-02-2014 contains 12 articles

CIC News update contains 12 articles for today, have fun reading.

Security Experts Warn of Drowning in IE 'Watering Hole' Attack (EN) | www.cio-today.com
| 14-02-2014 | Past versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer have earned bad reputations for IE and news reports of new zero-days like this one for IE 10 don't help. The truth is that recently, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has had fewer issues per year than other browsers, it's just a common targe...
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Botnet infecteert DD-WRT- en OpenWRT-routers (NL) | www.security.nl
| 15-02-2014 | Een onderzoeker heeft een IRC-botnet uitgeschakeld dat allerlei routers infecteerde, waaronder die DD-WRT en OpenWRT draaiden. DD-WRT en OpenWRT zijn op Linux-gebaseerde besturingssystemen voor routers, die vaak meer mogelijkheden dan het al geïnstalleerde besturingssysteem bieden. Read more

Microsoft flaw used to attack French aerospace employees, veterans (EN) | www.dawn.com
| 15-02-2014 | SAN FRANCISCO: A flaw in recent versions of Internet Explorer was used to attack visitors to a website for US military veterans, and also appears to have been used earlier against French aerospace industry employees, researchers said Friday.The flaw in Microsoft Corp's IE ...
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Pakistan drafts Cyber Crime Bill 2014 for ‘Facebook and all web crimes’ (EN) | www.thenewstribe.com
| 15-02-2014 | ISLAMABAD: Government have been envisaged comprehensive bill on cyber crime which will be presented in Cabinet soon, Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rahman said.Anusha Rahman presided a meeting to review the final draft of Prevention of E-Crimes bill 20...
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New cyber crimes law proposes heavy fines, jail but exempts intel agencies (EN) | www.thenews.com.pk
| 16-02-2014 | ISLAMABAD: The new cyber crimes law exempts intelligence agencies and the security establishment but imposes heavy fines and penalties on all others if computers are used for any illegal purpose, hacking, stealing data or disrupting legal data flows.The Prevention of Electronic Crimes...
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Kickstarter Hacked: Credit Cards Safe, Passwords Stolen (EN) | securitywatch.pcmag.com
| 15-02-2014 | Data breach fatigue is setting in and it's only February. Kickstarter is the latest high-profile site to be hacked.Law enforcement authorities informed Kickstarter of the breach on Feb. 12, and Kickstarter immediately closed the vulnerability that allowed the attackers through, Yancey...
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Google Play Infected With Malware Possibly for Millions! (EN) | guardianlv.com
| 15-02-2014 | According to Panda Security, Google’s app store Google Play might have possibly infected up to 300,000 people, and may soon reach up to the millions,1.2 million in fact. The malware comes from a downloadable app from the Google Play Store.Once people open one of the apps, a series o...
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Exploit waarmee worm Linksys-routers infecteert online (NL) | www.security.nl
| 16-02-2014 | De exploit waarmee een worm op dit moment allerlei Linksys-routers infecteert is online gezet, wat de kans op misbruik vergroot. De worm werd onlangs door een Amerikaanse internetprovider ontdekt, nadat de routers van verschillende klanten besmet waren geraakt. Eenmaal overgenomen wor...
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Linksys maakt fix tegen malware in E-serie-routers (EN) | tweakers.net
| 16-02-2014 | Linksys maakt een fix voor de software op diverse van zijn routers om te voorkomen dat een worm ze infecteert. De fix moet in de komende weken beschikbaar komen. Volgens de routerfabrikant is het risico van de malware voor consumenten beperkt.De fix moet in de 'komende wek...
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Google's Lack of an Update System Leaves 70% of users at Risk of Security Exploits (EN) | www.patentlyapple.com
| 15-02-2014 | A new report published late yesterday states that a security researcher has discovered a way to take over roughly 70 percent of Android devices via a Web page or app. It's not known if anyone's actually using the exploit to attack people's phones, but the researcher's findings are non...
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What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (EN) | www.business2community.com
| 16-02-2014 | On July 1, 2014, Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will take effect. Though that may seem far in the future, it’s important for email marketers to start preparing for the law today. When one email mistakenly taken for spam can rack up a $10 million fine, you’d be crazy not to. T...
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Banking Apps on Android Phones Are Vulnerable to Risk (EN) | www.fool.com
| 16-02-2014 | Android-based phones make up 99 percent of the mobile devices targeted in cyber attacks, according to prominent technology expert,Eugene Kaspersky, of Kaspersky Lab.The anti-virus software maker claims Android's counterpart Apple has strict controls that do not allow third-party appli...
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