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CIC News for 04-02-2014 contains 19 articles

CIC News update contains 19 articles for today, have fun reading.

Windows XP support cutoff poses data breach risk for retailers (EN) | www.arnnet.com.au
| 04-02-2014 | Retailers will face an increased risk of data breaches after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, a version of which powers the majority of modern cash registers, security vendor Symantec warned in a report published Monday.Many point-of-sale (POS) devices run the Windows XP version...
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How to Plan a Social Engineering Assessment (EN) | resources.infosecinstitute.com
| 03-02-2014 | A social engineering assessment is a very valuable tool in understanding the security exposure of most organizations. Since human beings tend to be the weakest link in any security strategy, this work can quickly identify which areas need to be addressed in the timeliest fashion. Anot...
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800,000 Stolen Credentials in ‘Orange’ Data Breach (EN) | www.bitdefender.com
| 03-02-2014 | The French telecom company announced it has suffered a security breach that exposed 800,000 clients of the orange.fr website, according to The Hacker News. The mobile operator sent an email to inform its clients about an intrusion that affected the Client section of the site on Jan. 1...
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Despite Target data breach, PCI security standard remains solid, chief says (EN) | www.computerworld.com
| 03-02-2014 | The head of the organization in charge of maintaining security controls over credit card transactions insisted Monday that its standards remain solid despite the concerns raised by data breaches at Target and other companies. Speaking with Computerworld, Bob Russo, general manager of ...
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Visitors to NHS Choices website bombarded with malware after coding error lets Czech hacker in by the back door (EN) | www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk
| 03-02-2014 | Visitors to the NHS Choices website have been bombarded with adverts and malware â€" potentially stealing personal information from their computers â€" due to a coding error. Users of the site posted links to hundreds of pages which had caused the problems over Sunday nigh...
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Over 1,300 new malware spotted in Android phones last year (EN) | www.nst.com.my
| 04-02-2014 | KUALA LUMPUR: More than 1,300 new malicious software, or malware, targeting mobile phone users were spotted every day last year, said Fortinet Inc. The network security software maker is currently tracking more than 300 malware families and 400,000 malicious applications that are targ...
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Hacking of point-of-sales systems escalates (EN) | www.usatoday.com
| 03-02-2014 | SEATTLE â€" Researchers at RSA's First Watch cybersecurity team have unearthed evidence of another ring of data thieves focusing on retailers, akin to the gang that tapped into the point-of-sales systems at Target, Neiman-Marcus and Michaels. That gang used a memory parsing program ca...
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Microsoft Calls For Industry Collaboration To Kill Off Malware Families (EN) | www.darkreading.com
| 03-02-2014 | Malware families rarely die off altogether, and Microsoft says it's time to change the game to ensure that they do. Dennis Batchelder, Microsoft's partner director of Windows Protection Services last week publicly called for security companies, CERTs, ISPs, anti-fraud organizations, a...
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Droidpak: A sneak attack on Android devices via PC malware (EN) | www.techrepublic.com
| 03-02-2014 | New Android banking malware leverages vulnerable PCs to install itself on Android mobile devices. Learn how to foil this latest exploit. Symantec researchers have found what they are calling the first knownexample of Windows malware specifically designed to infect Android devices. “...
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Prolexic Warns of Cyber Attackers Using DDoS Attacks to Influence Stock Prices and Limit Trading (EN) | www.sys-con.com
| 04-02-2014 | FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Prolexic Technologies, the global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, today shared an analysis of nearly a dozen global DDoS attacks that indicates cyber attackers are using DDoS attacks in an attemp...
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FBI: The 10 Criminal Cyber Crime Professions (EN) | community.spiceworks.com
| 03-02-2014 | Here is some ammo to send to your end-users and make it a bit real that cyber crime is an actualindustry. TheCenter for Cyber Forensics and Information Security (CCFIS) reported in a blog: "The FBI has recently classified the different 'professional positions' they have encountered in...
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Hackers to appear in court (EN) | www.fbc.com.fj
| 04-02-2014 | Two tertiary students are expected to be brought to the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon for their alleged involvement in a money laundering case.Police say they have been charged with five and 10 counts of money laundering respectively.It is alleged sometime between Christmas an...
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Govt to enact laws to curb cyber crime (EN) | www.ippmedia.com
| 04-02-2014 | The government plans to bring to parliament three bills for laws that will seek to curb misuse of the internet and other unlawful practices in the use of networks.The laws will seek to strengthen internet user’s protection rights through introduction of the three Acts wh...
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'Complicated voting' on cybercrime law (EN) | www.rappler.com
| 04-02-2014 | MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) â€" Supreme Court justices deliberated on the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 on Tuesday, February 4, but decided to postpone an earlier plan to issue a verdict on it.We reported this morning that the cybercrime law was on Tuesday's agenda...
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Secret Service urges lawmakers to do more on cyber crime (EN) | news.yahoo.com
| 03-02-2014 | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Secret Service on Monday urged U.S. lawmakers to do more to prevent the types of cyber thefts of consumer information that recently have hit Target Corp and other major retailers. "Legislative action could help to improve the nation's cybersecuri...
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As Cyber Crime Matures, More Hacked Accounts Expected (EN) | www.forbes.com
| 03-02-2014 | Last week’s arrest of Russian bank hacker extraordinaire Aleksander “SpyEye” Panin doesn’t mean online bank accounts are suddenly safer. Not that anyone thought they were. Bank fraud is here to stay and the guys behind it â€" many of them Russsian â€" are multiplying and becom...
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List of 14 U.S. hotels hit by major credit card fraud released (EN) | www.theglobeandmail.com
| 03-02-2014 | A large American hotel management firm that operates franchises for Marriott, Sheraton and Westin has confirmed that guests at 14 of its establishments were the victims of a credit-card hacking scheme.White Lodging Services Corp. said the security breach affected people who used debit...
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Mobile Security Moving to Biometric Authentication: Gartner (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 04-02-2014 | Gartner recommends that security leaders evaluate biometric authentication methods where higher-assurance authentication is required. By 2016, 30 percent of organizations will use biometric authentication on mobile devices, up from5 percent today, as the consumerization of IT and busi...
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East European cyber criminals protected from prosecution (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 04-02-2014 | Respected security researcher Nart Villeneuve has controversially declared that Eastern European cyber criminal gangs - responsible for the recent attacks on Target and other major retailers - are relatively safe from arrest and prosecution. His view has been backed by for...
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