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CIC News for 18-01-2014 contains 17 articles

CIC News update contains 17 articles for today, have fun reading.

Critical Infrastructure Targeted By 'Nightmare' Global Threat (EN) | www.infosecurity-magazine.com
| 17-01-2014 | A widespread threat against global critical infrastructure systems has been uncovered: ICS-CERT has issued a warning about a buffer overflow vulnerability affecting the Ecava IntegraXor SCADA system, a human-machine interface product. The potential ramifications are “the stuff of mo...
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Connected TVs, fridge help launch global cyberattack (EN) | edition.cnn.com
| 17-01-2014 | It's bad enough that we have to fear identity thieves who are trying to scam us with malicious messages sent from PCs.We now must worry about being targeted by our household appliances, as well.An Internet-security firm has discovered what they are calling a global cyberattack launche...
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If Microsoft thinks old Tor clients are risky, why not Windows XP? (EN) | www.zdnet.com
| 17-01-2014 | Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed that it had been going into users computers and removing outdated Tor clients. At first glance, this might seem like a crazed, misplaced attack on the Tor network, not unlike a campaign by a certain Irish politician, but the issue runs deeper than...
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Australian Credit Card Fraud Rises (EN) | www.comparedinkum.com.au
| 18-01-2014 | According to the Australian Payments Clearing Association the amount of credit card fraud in Australia rose by 1 per cent in the last financial year. The total amount stolen from Australians in the 2012-2013 financial year amounted to as much as $280 million.Online shopping is where t...
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Pune woman loses Rs 25,000 in ATM skimming in Goa (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 18-01-2014 | PUNE: In the first case of ATM skimming registered with the Pune cyber crime cell, a city-based working professional was cheated of Rs 25,000 after her debit card data was stolen at a public sector bank's ATM in Calangute, Goa, where she had used her card while vacationing on January ...
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Pakistan needs to expand cyber security knowledge (EN) | www.thefrontierpost.com
| 17-01-2014 | It was back in 2001 when I was in Germany’s prestigious Tubingen University where I met, among other nationals, a large number of Indian students who were also employed as Computer Experts by German companies. Why didn’t they hire people from Pakistan had a simple answer that the ...
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US Tennessee helps Bulgaria in fighting cyber crime (EN) | www.standartnews.com
| 18-01-2014 | NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Cyber Unit of the Tennessee National Guard cooperated with the Bulgarian Armed Forces Security Directorate this week in an effort to help strengthen Bulgaria's cyber defense program, local media reports.The visit was a great opportunity to share instruction meth...
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Cyberporn now deemed country’s No. 1 crime (EN) | newsinfo.inquirer.net
| 18-01-2014 | The pins on the Philippine map at the Philippine National Police (PNP) say it all: Cyberpornography is prevalent throughout the country that law enforcers consider it the No. 1 crime in the Philippinesâ€"more menacing even than the illegal drug trade.“The data speaks for itself. It ...
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Create awareness among children to curb Cyber Crime: Expert (EN) | keralaitnews.com
| 18-01-2014 | Trivandrum: Lack of awareness among children regarding the safe use of technology and Cyber Crime is the biggest challenge in curbing cyber crime. This can be tackled only with a concerted effort by parents and teachers to create awareness. This was the key takeaway from a session on ...
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Anatomy of a DNS DDoS Amplification Attack (EN) | www.watchguard.com
| 17-01-2014 | Over the past several months, a series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks victimized DNS root and Top Level Domain (TLD) name server operators. These attacks merit careful analysis because they combine several attack tools and methods to increase their effectiveness. The ...
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'Nog Veel Meer Amerikaanse Winkels Gehackt' (NL) | www.nutech.nl
| 17-01-2014 | Volgens een beveiligingsbedrijf zijn er mogelijk nog zes andere winkels gehackt in de VS, naast Target en Neiman Marcus. De aanvallen zouden nog gaande zijn. Het bedrijf Intelcrawler meldt dat op basis van eigen onderzoek en bronnen.De zes Amerikaanse winkels zouden zich in of rondom ...
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More than 750,000 spam emails sent from fridges and TVs (EN) | www.telegraph.co.uk
| 17-01-2014 | More than 750,000 spam emails were sent from smart household appliances such as fridges and TVs over a two week period, according to a security firm.US-based Security firm Proofpoint claims to have uncovered the first proven Internet of Things cyberattack involving househo...
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The Internet of Things isn't safe: thousands of smart gadgets hacked to send spam and phishing emails (EN) | www.engadget.com
| 17-01-2014 | Smart things are the future, or at least that's how it appeared to those of us who attended CES 2014. And, while we're excited about home automation and smart appliances, it turns out that those companies building the bits and pieces of the Internet of Things (IoT) need to beef up sec...
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Report: Neiman Marcus data breach occurred as far back as July (EN) | www.chicagotribune.com
| 17-01-2014 | Hackers breached the computer networks of luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus as far back as July, an attack that was not fully contained until Sunday, the New York Times reported, citing people briefed on the investigation. Neiman Marcus said on Friday that hackers may have s...
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EXCLUSIVE-Cybercrime firm says uncovers 6 active attacks on U.S. merchants (EN) | www.cnbc.com
| 17-01-2014 | cacert.pem cloud Desktop Downloads lookup.sh Network Trash Folder news news4.tar.gz newsmail.html newsmail.sh nu.nl_cybercrime_output.txt nu.nl_prism_output.txt ocr_pi.png privkey.pem python_games rssoutput_nu.nl_cybercrime.txt rssoutput_nu.nl_prism.txt rssoutput_security.nl.txt rss.t...
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Malware: More Hype Than Reality (EN) | www.informationweek.com
| 17-01-2014 | Sure, malware exists, but is it really as bad as the news suggests?In any given year, there areapproximately 100 shark attacks worldwide. Of those 100, only 16 of these attacks end in a fatality. Funny then, that we humans have such irrational fears about being attacked by a shark whi...
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Kaptoxa malware with Russian code used to steal Target credit card data (EN) | www.theage.com.au
| 18-01-2014 | The malware at the centre of Target's recent data breach affecting millions of customers was partly written in Russian, according to a report issued Thursday by US government authorities and cyber security researchers.The report, which was only distributed to organisations that are in...
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