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CIC News for 16-01-2014 contains 16 articles

CIC News update contains 16 articles for today, have fun reading.

Formula for the perfect HACK: Scientists create mathematical model (EN) | www.dailymail.co.uk
| 14-01-2014 | Researchers created a mathematical model to help hackers time attacksIt focuses on 'zero-day' vulnerabilities that have not yet been exploitedThese vulnerabilities are security flaws that developers aren’t yet aware ofHackers store these flaws to strike when the most damage will be ...
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Cyber security bill would work against large-scale attacks (EN) | www.pottsmerc.com
| 15-01-2014 | National legislation designed to bolster the nation’s defense against the types of cyber attacks that devastated Target is expected to receive a markup in subcommittee this week.The National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act was introduced last month by a bipa...
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Hackers exploit SCADA holes to take full control of critical infrastructure (EN) | blogs.computerworld.com
| 15-01-2014 | Is critical infrastructure any more secure than it was a year ago, or five years ago? Well according to three different reports from experts, it doesn’t seem like it. Instead, it seems like critical infrastructure is a ripe target that is pretty sweet for attackers. We’ll look at ...
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2 Ghana Nationals Nabbed in Credit Card Fraud Case: Police (EN) | joliet.patch.com
| 15-01-2014 | An ongoing investigation by the U.S. Secret Service's Chicago Electronic Crimes Task Force led to Bolingbrook and the arrest of two Ghana Nationals on charges of credit card fraud, said Derrick Golden, assistant to the special agent in charge. Samuel B. Boah, 27, and Kwame A. Nketiah,...
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Business seminar in Abu Dhabi highlights need for greater public awareness of cyber crime (EN) | www.thenational.ae
| 15-01-2014 | ABU DHABI // As more of the country’s business and government services move online, people need to be aware of the constant threat of cyber crime. That was the message conveyed to industry and representatives at an event hosted by the American Business Group of Abu Dhabi...
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Ministry okays act to curb cyber crime (EN) | www.nation.com.pk
| 16-01-2014 | ISLAMABAD - The Law Ministry has approved the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2014 which would be sent to the federal cabinet very soon to get its nod prior to the final approval of the Parliament to make it effective in the country. Currently, Pakistan has no comprehensive ...
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Attack on Path spreads spam (EN) | news.cnet.com
| 15-01-2014 | The private social network is in the process of fighting off a spam attack affecting a small number of users. Private social network Path said that an attack on its service has led to a "small number" of its 23 million users receiving spam messages.The company, just ...
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Social Worker Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 15-01-2014 | Rakecia Matrese Brame recently pled guilty to one count of wire fraud, one count of aggravated identity theft and one count of aiding and assisting the preparation of a false tax return in connection with an identity theft scheme.From approximately February 2009 to February 2011, Bram...
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RPT-Target data breach could be costly for payment partners (EN) | in.reuters.com
| 15-01-2014 | Jan 15 (Reuters) - Companies that help Target Corp process payments could face millions of dollars in finesand costs resulting from the unprecedented data breach thatstruck the retailer over the holiday shopping season.Investigators are still sorting through just how thieves compromis...
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New, Massive DDoS Attack Gathers Steam (EN) | www.cio.in
| 15-01-2014 | Several online gaming sites were recently hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that used a new type of assault on the victims: a Network Time Protocol Amplification Attack.Such attacks rely on the use of publicly accessible NTP servers to overwhelm a victim system with ...
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DDoS Attacks Abusing Network Timing Protocol Flood the Web (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 15-01-2014 | US-CERT warns of an increase in distributed denial-of-service attacks that leverage Network Timing Protocol. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can take on many different forms, as those who commit them leverage different techniques to drown Websites under a flood of traffic...
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9 banks, 6 BDCs under probe for cybercrime (EN) | sunnewsonline.com
| 15-01-2014 | The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the Nigeria Police Force are currently collaborating to resolve different cyber-related crimes cases involving Nine banks and six bureauxde change institutions. A report by the Political Economist ...
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"Malware blijft probleem, ook na afplakken webcam" (NL) | nos.nl
| 15-01-2014 | Audio Hackers breken steeds vaker in via de webcam van de computer. En dan kunnen ze dus in je huis meekijken en zelfs meeluisteren. Internet-expert Rachid Finge legt uit....
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NSA spioneert via USB (NL) | www.spitsnieuws.nl
| 15-01-2014 | De NSA gebruikt gemanipuleerde usb-kabels voor spionagedoeleinden. Verder zijn wereldwijd circa 100.000 computers besmet met spyware van de Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst. De NSA heeft de software in het geniep geïnstalleerd en gebruikt het voor spionagedoeleinden en cyberaanvallen, ...
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Microsoft: Windows XP anti-malware support to last into 2015 (EN) | news.cnet.com
| 15-01-2014 | Microsoft said Wednesday that although it will stop supporting Windows XP this April, it will continue providing anti-malware updates for the venerable OS through July of next year."Microsoft has announced the Windows XP end of support date of April 8, 2014," the software ...
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NSA Spyware Described in New Snowden Leaks (EN) | www.courthousenews.com
| 15-01-2014 | WASHINGTON (CN) - The National Security Agency secretly planted software in almost 100,000 off-shore computers that has allowed it to spy on Internet users since at least 2008, The New York Times has reported.Leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who is now living in ...
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