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CIC News for 11-01-2014 contains 19 articles

CIC News update contains 19 articles for today, have fun reading.

Target Admits Even More Bad News (EN) | www.huffingtonpost.com
| 10-01-2014 | Target announced Friday that sensitive information, including customers' names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, was stolen from up to 70 million people in the late November to early December data breach. That's possibly in addition to the 40 million credit card a...
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Target Data Breach May Be Nearly Double Original Estimates (EN) | miami.cbslocal.com
| 10-01-2014 | MINNEAPOLIS (CBSMiami) â€" Target revealed Friday that the pre-Christmas data breach was nearly double the original number of victims.The company said Friday that as many as 70 million customers were impacted by the hacks and had personal information ranging from phone numbers and ema...
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Millions more affected by Target data breach (EN) | abclocal.go.com
| 10-01-2014 | WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Attention Target shoppers -- more personal information has been stolen than we thought. On Friday the retail giant conceded that what originally seemed to involve about 40 million debit and credit cards is much larger; about three times larger. It is now ...
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Georgia hospital reports data breach (EN) | chronicle.augusta.com
| 10-01-2014 | ALBANY, Ga. â€" Executives of a south Georgia hospital system are notifying thousands of patients that their personal information may have been compromised. Officials at Phoebe Putney Hospital say a password protected, unencrypted desktop computer containing the information of more th...
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Target: Data breach number nearly doubles to 70 million people (EN) | www.wistv.com
| 10-01-2014 | MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WIS) - Target on Friday announced an additional 30 million people have likely been affected by a recent data breach the company experienced, nearly doubling the number of customers who were hit. MOREAdditional Links The retailer said its ongoing investigation has dete...
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Experts warn about spyware activated by smart phone users’ curiosity (EN) | english.vietnamnet.vn
| 11-01-2014 | A report by Juniper Research released some months ago showed that 80 percent of smart phones in the market have been the “aiming points” of spyware. Meanwhile, the majority of users do not think their mobile devices may be hijacked nor have data stolen.The report also said that 92...
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Some important facts about Android antivirus applications (EN) | www.techrepublic.com
| 10-01-2014 | Depending on which side of the fence you stand, Android anti-virus (AV)apps are a waste of time or they’re absolutely necessary. I prefer to error onthe side of caution, especially when it doesn’t cost anything. If you're wondering why I say there’s no cost, that’s becauseinde...
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At least 22,000 Macs still have Flashback; so what? (EN) | www.zdnet.com
| 10-01-2014 | Summary: The OSX/Flashback botnet is "adrift" says Intego, but still alive. Mac version research shows how this is unsurprising and not a big concern. Research from Intego, the famed Mac antimalware company, shows that the botnet comprised of OSX/Flashback infections, prob...
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We Will See Malware Attacks on Internet-Connected Cars, Expert Warns (EN) | www.ibtimes.co.uk
| 10-01-2014 | The threat to internet-connected cars is no different to that of web browsers - only with much more serious consequences, warns API and data security expert.Never had the worlds of motoring and technology been closer than when car manufacturers used the Consumer Electronics Show to an...
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The rise and rise of domestic spyware apps (EN) | blogs.techworld.com
| 10-01-2014 | When a stranger installls a surveillance app we call it spyware. Does the same apply if it's a spouse?Domestic spyware monitoring has been quietly booming in the PC world for years without any particularly noticing or caring and now it is looking as if the mobile world will crank the ...
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Banks Warned About 'Cutting Edge' Financial Malware (EN) | www.techweekeurope.co.uk
| 10-01-2014 | Banks and other financial institutions have been warned about the increasing threat posed by more advanced and sophisticated pieces of financial malware.Attackers have new malware, and new techniques, such as managing the Trojans through blogs, according to a report from NSS Labs, whi...
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Malware-onderzoekstool Cuckoo bereikt eindelijk versie 1.0 (NL) | www.security.nl
| 10-01-2014 | Na bijna vier jaar is eindelijk versie 1.0 van de populaire malware-onderzoekstool Cuckoo verschenen. Cuckoo is een geautomatiseerd malware-analysesysteem waarmee beveiligingsonderzoekers, malware-onderzoekers en security professionals kunnen onderzoeken wat een bepaald bestand precie...
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Cyber Attack on 40 countries around the world (EN) | groundreport.com
| 10-01-2014 | 40 countries around the world was attacked by cyber crime recently. The internet security company Kaspersky lab said that hackers has used a harmful program named “Nettraveller” on that attack. Last 4th of June a special team of members of that company released information about t...
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18,000 suspected cyber criminals shopped by rival gang (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 10-01-2014 | A major breakthrough in the fight against global cyber crime has come after details of more than 18,000 members of the ‘Verified' Eastern European cyber crime forum were leaked by a rival gang.The information, held on a stolen database uploaded to Sendspace, includes the identities,...
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‘Cyber Security Perspectives 2013’: jaarlijks Security Report door KPN NL, KLPD, TNO, NCSC (NL) | www.emerce.nl
| 10-01-2014 | In de eerste week van januari 2014 verscheen de eerste uitgave van een nieuw rapport over veiligheid in Nederland: ‘Cyber Security Perspectives 2013’. Vier partijen, die nauw samenwerken in het bestrijden van Cybercrime in Nederland, hebben bijgedragen aan dit rapport. Ieder gehee...
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Novel Version of Pony Botnet Attacks Bitcoin Users (EN) | www.modernreaders.com
| 10-01-2014 | A new blog entry on the McAfee antivirus website posted this week explained how a new twist on the Pony Botnet has emerged, one that goes beyond the usual malware tweaks of hackers using custom packers to avoid antivirus tracking.As a bit of a backgrounder, Pony Botnet had...
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2 Malaysians Sentenced to 24 Months on Credit Card Fraud Charges (EN) | pacificnewscenter.com
| 11-01-2014 | Guam - 25 year old Jiunn Yang Tan and 36 year old Aik Han Heng, both citizens of Malaysia, have each been sentenced to 24-months imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release on credit card fraud charges. They were also ordered to jointly pay $19,369.56 restitution to th...
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Target Data Breach Affected 70M, Much More Than Earlier Estimates (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 10-01-2014 | Target revealed that the breach affected 70 million customers, an increase from earlier estimates of 40 million. The Target data breach, which the U.S. retail giant first reported Dec. 9, is now significantly larger than first disclosed.In a public statement issued Jan. 10, Target rev...
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Top six data breach trends for 2014 (EN) | www.securityinfowatch.com
| 10-01-2014 | The massive data breach recently suffered by Targetis a prime example of the consequences organizations face when confidential information is either lost or stolen. Not only did it impact sales during the crucial holiday shopping period, but it also shook the confidence of many of the...
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