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CIC News for 09-01-2014 contains 8 articles

CIC News update contains 8 articles for today, have fun reading.

Trends 2014: Roel van Rijsewijk van Deloitte over het komende jaar (NL) | www.emerce.nl
| 08-01-2014 | Met een reeks artikelen brengt Emerce in samenwerking met Nettribes en een aantal Emerce auteurs 2014 in beeld. Hiervoor zijn twaalf experts uit vier verschillende vakgebieden geïnterviewd over hun visie op het nieuwe jaar.In dit artikel geven we Roel van Rijsewijk, partner bij Deloi...
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Pune cyber crime cell freezes 1.5K bank accounts of fraudsters (EN) | www.dnaindia.com
| 09-01-2014 | Rising number exposes organised crime's widespread tentacles The Pune police cyber crime cell (CCC) has asked banks to freeze 1,500 accounts after detecting that they were used for frauds. The huge figure throws open the sheer magnitude of rising number of online crime incidents. A po...
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Phishing Attack Preys on JPMorgan Data Breach Fears (EN) | securitywatch.pcmag.com
| 08-01-2014 | Spammers are using last month's JPMorganChase data breach in a new phishing attack aimed at getting victims to hand over confidential information.A data breach is rarely the end of a cyber-campaign. The gang behind the breach may use the information as reconnaissance to launch a more ...
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US Gov progress on cybersecurity protections (EN) | www.globallegalpost.com
| 08-01-2014 | The US Government declared war against cyber- attacks, issuing an Executive Order to address the issue. A year later, Dawn Livingston assesses progress. In recent years the United States has witnessed a significant rise in the number of data breaches and cyber-attacks on g...
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Cyber crime, financial crime top list of threats in 2014 (EN) | www.itwire.com
| 09-01-2014 | Combating the convergence of cyber crime and financial crime heads the list of priorities for defending against digital criminality in 2014 from information intelligence solutions vendor BAE Systems Detica’s. BAE Systems Detica Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Richar...
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The case for forecasting cyberattacks (EN) | www.marshfieldnewsherald.com
| 08-01-2014 | One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today is that despite the evolving nature of attacks and vulnerabilities, corporations, government agencies and other organizations tend to base protection largely on historic threat reports and other dated information.What the past revea...
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DoS attacks that took down big game sites abused Web’s time-sync protocol (EN) | arstechnica.com
| 09-01-2014 | Miscreants who earlier this week took down servers for League of Legends, EA.com, and other online game services used a never-before-seen technique that vastly amplified the amount of junk traffic directed at denial-of-service targets.Rather than directly flooding the targeted service...
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Botnet van 24.000 Android-smartphones ontdekt (NL) | www.security.nl
| 08-01-2014 | Een beveiligingsbedrijf heeft een botnet van 24.000 Android-smartphones ontdekt dat allerlei informatie van besmette toestellen verzamelt. Het gaat om wachtwoorden, e-mailadres, telefoonmodel, locatie, hotspots in de buurt en de verbinding naar de computer en het wifi-netwerk van de g...
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