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Top NSA hacks of our computers (EN) | www.zdnet.com
| 06-01-2014 | Summary: The latest leaked documents from the NSA reveal a long collection, from 2007-2008, of software and hardware used to spy on computers, networks and to capture audio and video. Last week I wrote up a leak of an NSA document describing DEITYBOUNCE, a tool for flashin...
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'wichcraft Acknowledges Data Breach (EN) | www.esecurityplanet.com
| 06-01-2014 | Sandwich chain 'wichcraft recently began notifying an undisclosed number of customers that their credit or debit card information, including names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiration dates, may have been exposed when the company's servers were accessed by an unauthori...
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World of Warcraft users hit by account-hijacking malware attack (EN) | arstechnica.com
| 06-01-2014 | World of Warcraftplayers have been hit with a malicious trojan that hijacks accounts even when they're protected by two-factor authentication, officials have warned.The malware is infecting systems by posing as an installer of Curse, a legitimate add-on that helps players manage other...
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RTV Rijnmond heeft hinder van Ddos aanvallen (NL) | www.totaaltv.nl
| 07-01-2014 | De regionale publieke omroep RTV Rijnmond heeft recent meermaals te maken gehad met Ddos aanvallen op de server waarop de website wordt gehost. Dit heeft geleid tot onbereikbaar zijn. Een distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)-aanval treedt op wanneer meerdere hosts worden gebruikt om e...
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2 plead guilty in identity theft (EN) | www.abc27.com
| 07-01-2014 | BALTIMORE (AP) - Two women have pleaded guilty in a plot to steal merchandise using personal information obtained from patients in medical offices where one of the women worked. Thirty-year-old Chanell Cole of Owings Mills and 39-year-old Yolanda Welch of Philadelphia pleaded guilty i...
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Undisclosed number of TMobile customers impacted in data breach (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 06-01-2014 | An undisclosed number of T-Mobile customers may have had personal information compromised after an unauthorized party gained access to a file stored on servers that are owned and managed by a T-Mobile supplier.How many victims? Undisclosed. What type of personal information? Names, ad...
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French researcher finds gaping holes in security of DSL modems (EN) | www.itnews.com.au
| 06-01-2014 | Whilst several vulnerable backdoors in various DSL (broadband) modems were revealed by security researchers last year, would-be hackers required relatively unfettered direct IP access to the device to carry out an attack. Now a French researcher has discovered a series of wireless fla...
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Watch for scams following Target data breach (EN) | journalstar.com
| 07-01-2014 | Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota, the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa, along with Western Union, the sponsor of this alert, is warning that scammers are taking advantage of the data breach that compromised Target customers' credit and debit card information. Watc...
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Security report highlights shifting crime tactics, what to expect in 2014 (EN) | www.itweb.co.za
| 07-01-2014 | Sophos has released its latest Security Threat Report, which outlines significant changes in cyber-criminal behaviour over the course of last year, as well as a forecast for the preferred methods of attack in 2014. Last year, cyber criminals continued the theme of professionalisation ...
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Gulf region emerges as a cyber conflict flashpoint (EN) | www.fiercegovernmentit.com
| 06-01-2014 | The Gulf region of the Middle East has emerged as a flashpoint for cyber conflict after becoming infected with targeted advanced malware such as Stuxnet and as area governments have also become sensitized to the Internet's new role as a protest organizing tool, writes the Center for S...
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Researchers warn of new, meaner ransomware with unbreakable crypto (EN) | arstechnica.com
| 06-01-2014 | Security researchers have uncovered evidence of a new piece of malware that may be able to take gigabytes' worth of data hostage unless end users pay a ransom.Discussions of the new malware, alternately dubbed PrisonLocker and PowerLocker, have been occurring on undergroun...
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DDoS attacks costly for online companies (EN) | www.itweb.co.za
| 07-01-2014 | Distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks can be hugely damaging to companies that rely on their online presence for sales and new business, says DDoS mitigation provider, Prolexic."All businesses are potentially vulnerable as there are no advance warnings of DDoS attacks, and n...
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New Data Breach 411 App Helps Companies Navigate Data Breach Laws (EN) | www.mondaq.com
| 07-01-2014 | It's a general counsel's worst nightmare. Sensitivedata. Gone. Stolen by faceless thieves who breached thecompany's seemingly secure network.As my partner Scott Vernick of Fox Rothschild recently stated: "Data breaches can severely impact a company's reputation and have de...
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Fighting the unknown enemy (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 06-01-2014 | As malware's threats become increasingly sophisticated, companies have good reason to grow their information security budgets for top-line external defenses. Yet, recent events â€" namely, the whistleblowing escapades of Edward Snowden â€" have underscored the potential of internal th...
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Nieuwe ransomware slaat nog harder toe (EN) | www.automatiseringgids.nl
| 07-01-2014 | Onderzoekers hebben nieuwe vormen van ransomware ontdekt die harder kunnen toeslaan dan bestaande versies van deze malware. De onderzoekers, die samenwerken in de groep Malware Must Die, waarschuwt voor de nieuwe ransomware, die namen heeft als PrisonLocker en PowerLocker....
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Kaspersky Lab finds gamers attacked 11.7 million times in 2013 (EN) | www.cnmeonline.com
| 07-01-2014 | Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered that PC gamers around the globe were hit by 11.7 million attacks in 2013.Currently Kaspersky Lab knows 4.6 million pieces of gaming focused malware, with an average, users of 34,000 attacks related to gaming malware taking place daily.Russian game...
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De Wereld Morgen, Apache en MO kreunen onder cyberaanval (BE) | www.standaard.be
| 07-01-2014 | De websites van alternatieve nieuwsmedia zoals Apache, MO Magazine en De Wereld Morgen hebben af te rekenen met technische problemen. Aan de basis ligt een DDoS-aanval bij Openminds, het bedrijf dat de websites huisvest. ‘Sinds vanmorgen hebben we te kampen met een denial-of-service...
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