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CIC News for 05-01-2014 contains 8 articles

CIC News update contains 8 articles for today, have fun reading.

If You Used Yahoo This Week, You Might Have Malware (EN) | gizmodo.com
| 04-01-2014 | Security researchers at Fox IT say they've detected a malicious exploit kit among Yahoo's ad network active since December 30th. The malware seems to have hit Romania, Great Britain, and France the hardest, but wherever you are, if you've browsed a Yahoo site this week, you may want t...
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Thousands of visitors to yahoo.com hit with malware attack, researchers say (EN) | www.washingtonpost.com
| 04-01-2014 | Two Internet security firms have reported that Yahoo's advertising servers have been distributing malware to hundreds of thousands of users over the last few days. The attack appears to be the work of malicious parties who have hijacked Yahoo's advertising network for their own ends.F...
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Tackling growing cash machine crime (EN) | www.bbc.co.uk
| 05-01-2014 | Almost eight million Britons use a cash point every day amounting to three billion withdrawals every year. But who is watching when we access our accounts and how safe are transactions at ATMs? Cash machine crime tripled last year in the UK with thieves using more sophisticated tactic...
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Cyberstalking: new challenges (EN) | www.dawn.com
| 05-01-2014 | ISLAMABAD: The country is catching up fast with the cyber world, a clue being the way cyber crime is becoming an issue.Reported misuse of the technology ranges from websites being hacked to forgery and financial fraud. But of the more than 30 registered offences that were committed th...
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New age crooks 'Like' to post revenge on Facebook walls (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 05-01-2014 | VISAKHAPATNAM: Dharmana Ram Manohar Naidu, managing director of Virgin Rock Private Limited and son of former state minister, Dharmana Prasada Rao, from Srikakulam district, was shocked to find his Facebook account hacked few days ago. He rushed to the nearest police station to lodge ...
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Cyberstalkers prey on intimate phone, tab videos (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 05-01-2014 | GURGAON: If it is acid attacks offline, it is defamation in the virtual world. A widespread use of phone cameras and access to social media is giving rise to rampant cases of blackmail, revenge pornography and cyberstalking as a result of love going sour, leading to breakups. A senior...
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Botnets: What They Are, and How They Threaten Your Computer (EN) | www.tomsguide.com
| 04-01-2014 | A botnet, short for "robot network," and also known as a zombie army, is a group of computers infected with malicious pieces of software that put the computers under the command of remote operators without the legitimate users' knowledge. Once a computer is infected with botnet malwar...
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Yahoo linkt per ongeluk naar malware-sites (NL) | www.apparata.nl
| 05-01-2014 | Dan denk je dat een site veilig is omdat ie door Yahoo gecontroleerd is, trekt ie alsnog je computer plat!De afgelopen paar dagen heeft het Yahoo Ad Network per ongeluk gelinkt naar sites waar malware op staat. Door het klikken op deze links werd wat software geïnstalleerd die gebrui...
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