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CIC News for 04-01-2014 contains 17 articles

CIC News update contains 17 articles for today, have fun reading.

Indian government websites: Gold mine for cybercriminals (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 03-01-2014 | NEW DELHI: If you are a cybercriminal trying to commit identity theft or digitally impersonate a citizen, you have help from the unlikeliest of sources â€" the Government of India. Various government agencies have put vast amount of personal information online, often with little barri...
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Google developing better malware-blocker for Chrome (EN) | www.gmanetwork.com
| 04-01-2014 | Citing instances where users can easily be tricked into downloading malware, Google is building a stricter malware-blocking mechanism into its Chrome browser. Vice president for engineering Linus Upson said the feature is still in the works, in Chrome's Canary (early test) build. Up...
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NSA capable of intercepting computer shipments to install spyware (EN) | www.fiercecio.com
| 03-01-2014 | German publication Der Spiegel spills the beans on an alleged National Security Agency (NSA) practice of intercepting shipments of IT equipment in order to plant spyware on them. This was described as part of a lengthy Sunday report that cast the spotlight on how the NSA's TAO, or Tai...
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World Of Warcraft Accounts With Authenticators Compromised By Trojan (EN) | www.cinemablend.com
| 03-01-2014 | Blizzard Entertainment warned World of Warcraft players today to watch out for a Trojan horse that could infiltrate their accounts. This malware can apparently bypass the official authenticator that many WoW players use to safeguard their account. "The Trojan acts in real time to do t...
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World of Warcraft players warned of "dangerous Trojan" that steals account info [UPDATE] (EN) | www.gamespot.com
| 03-01-2014 | [UPDATE] Blizzard has provided a new update regarding the malware. Writing on its forums today, the developer said the trojan stems from a fake version of the Curse Client. A summary of Blizzard's latest findings is below."The trojan is built into a fake (but working) version of the C...
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Snapchat Acknowledges Hack, Issues Fix but no Apology (EN) | www.n3rdabl3.co.uk
| 03-01-2014 | Disposable image sharing app Snapchat didn’t have a very good start to the year after a website which went by the name SnapchatDB leaked around 4.6 million Snapchat user information which was readily available for anyone to download. Snapchat have since acknowledged the hack and hav...
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Hackers Attack Gaming Services Electronic Arts and Valve (EN) | www.technewsplus.com
| 04-01-2014 | The hacking activity has gained a lot of momentum leading to this year. Earlier we have reported hacking activities related to Skype, Snapchat, and now it has been reported that hackers targeted gaming services Electronic Arts and Valve on Thursday, making these services inaccessible ...
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Steam, Origin and others taken down in latest attacks against gaming services (EN) | www.geekwire.com
| 03-01-2014 | Valve’s Steam platform, Activision Blizzard’s Battle.net and EA’s Origin storefront were all brought down last night by Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks â€" as an ongoing campaign by digital miscreants started earlier this week continued, leaving players and developers in t...
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Multiple Services Forced Offline through DDoS (EN) | attackofthefanboy.com
| 03-01-2014 | Hacking groups have decided to start the new year productively. Whereas news of Skype being hacked float elsewhere, the gaming industry is rocked by an increasing wave of DDoS attacks, starting with EA’s digital distribution platform Origin, continuing on to disable Valve’s counte...
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DDoS-aanvallen leggen Steam en Origin plat (NL) | www.metronieuws.nl
| 03-01-2014 | Afgelopen nacht zijn een aantal hackers flink losgegaan door verschillende sites en servers plat te leggen met een aantal DDoS-aanvallen. Op dit moment lijken de servers het weer te doen, maar zowel Steam als Origin melden dat er erg veel verkeer op de servers plaatsvindt. Beide parti...
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Cyber police station 'choosy' about cases (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 04-01-2014 | JAIPUR: Cyber crimes are being reported in huge number across the state; however, the cyber crime police station which became operational here three months ago is quite choosy about the cases that it picks up. As per the officials, the cyber police station registers only those cases w...
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Universiteit VS waarschuwt patiënten wegens malware (NL) | www.security.nl
| 04-01-2014 | Een Amerikaanse universiteit waar mensen zich voor voet- en enkelklachten kunnen laten behandelen heeft patiënten gewaarschuwd dat hun medische dossiers en persoonlijke gegevens mogelijk zijn gestolen nadat er een met malware besmette schoollaptop op het netwerk werd aangesloten.De i...
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7 geniepige aanvallen van slimme hackers (NL) | computerworld.nl
| 04-01-2014 | De meeste malware zijn gewoontjes, maar deze zeven innovatieve trucs benutten kwetsbaarheden bij zelfs gezond paranoïde gebruikers. Ook cybercriminelen innoveren en bedenken creatieve manieren om mensen data afhandig te maken. Miljoenen stukjes malware waren rond op het web om nietsv...
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Blizzard Identifies New Malware Affecting World Of Warcraft Gamers (EN) | www.ubergizmo.com
| 03-01-2014 | World of Warcraft gamers and other MMORPG players are subject to hacks and exploits that attempt to steal their user names and passwords, after which the hackers will either rob the character of all their gold, or maybe even sell it off. For those of you guys out there who are still p...
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Hackers Used USB Sticks to Empty ATMs in Europe (EN) | www.technobuffalo.com
| 03-01-2014 | Two researchers speaking at the Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg, Germany have revealed an elaborate caper carried out by a gang of hackers that saw ATM machines being emptied of their cash in an undisclosed European country.At some point in 2013, hackers came up with an elaborate ...
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CryptoLocker Morphs to Spread Over USB Drives (EN) | securitywatch.pcmag.com
| 04-01-2014 | Researchers have discovered a new variant of the CryptoLocker ransomware which could potentially infect even more users than the original version.The criminals behind CryptoLocker appear to have modified the ransomware from a Trojan into a USB-spreading worm, researchers from Trend Mi...
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Hacker Group DERP Attacks And Brings Down Live, Service Gets Restored Shortly Afterwards (EN) | gearnuke.com
| 04-01-2014 | After attacking many famous services like Steam, PSN and Origins and also targeting game related servers for Battlefield 4 and League of Legends; Hacker group DERP shifted their focus to Xbox Live and decided to take it down.On twitter, DERP posted a tweet about bringing down Xbox Liv...
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