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Data Breach: The Downside of Data Loss for SMBs (EN) | midsizeinsider.com
| 31-12-2013 | Preferred business practices dictate cybersecurity, but data protection methodologies are a requirement for endpoint devices that contain customer data to protect against the possibility of a data breach. Customer data is among the most precious of all data within a company, especiall...
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China China China NSA NSA NSA hack hack hack (EN) | www.wired.com
| 01-01-2014 | *I hate to open the New Year with this ongoing dismal thing, but come on, that is hard to bear.*There must be somebody in the NSA now who is like: “Hey wait! We don’t actually build the spyware INSIDE THE FACTORY. We wait till they ship it, and then we pounce on it covertly and bu...
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4.6 Million Snapchat Usernames And Phone Numbers Captured By API Exploit (EN) | www.forbes.com
| 01-01-2014 | Anonymous hackers have claimed to use the reported Snapchat API exploit to compile a database of 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and their associated phone numbers and geographical regions. The site, SnapchatDB.info, offers the information as a SQL database dump (reportedly 40MB) or as...
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Crooks steal money from ATMs using USB drives, experts weigh in (EN) | www.scmagazine.com
| 31-12-2013 | ATMs (automated teller machines) around the world that are still running Windows XP â€" which reaches end of support in April â€" are vulnerable to malware being loaded on machines via USB drives, a couple of German researchers revealed at the annual Chaos Communication Congress on Fr...
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NSA spyware gives agency full access to the iPhone -- report (EN) | news.cnet.com
| 31-12-2013 | The US National Security Agency can reportedly sniff out every last bit of data from your iPhone, according to leaked NSA documents published by German magazine Der Spiegel.Known as DROPOUTJEEP, the spyware is said to be one of the tools employed by the NSA's ANT (Advanced or Access N...
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NSA is able to install spyware on all iPhones (EN) | www.gsmarena.com
| 31-12-2013 | A leaked NSA document proves that the agency is capable of easily deploying spyware on all iPhones and can have access to user data including SMS messages, contacts, and even a user's location by utilizing cell tower information. What's even scarier is that the NSA can remotely access...
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SD-geheugenkaarten vatbaar voor verborgen malware (NL) | webwereld.nl
| 31-12-2013 | SD-geheugenkaartjes zijn meer dan domme opslag, dankzij slimme - en hackbare - microcontrollers. Man-in-the-middle onderschepping van data en verborgen opslag daarvan blijkt mogelijk. Hackers hebben manieren gevonden om de slimme microcontrollers in SD-geheugenkaarten te hacken en te ...
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State govt sets up special cell to curb cyber crime in Pune (EN) | www.dnaindia.com
| 31-12-2013 | Taking into account the growing cyber crimes, an internet monitoring cell has been set up in Pune. Over 46 cyber crimes pertaining to online banking have been recorded in the past few months which has prompted the government to form this cell. Addressing a press conference on Tu...
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Unencrypted Windows crash reports give 'significant advantage' to hackers, spies (EN) | www.computerworld.com
| 31-12-2013 | Computerworld - Windows' error- and crash-reporting system sends a wealth of data unencrypted and in the clear, information that eavesdropping hackers or state security agencies can use to refine and pinpoint their attacks, a researcher said today.Not coincidentally, over the weekend ...
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Hacktivists and Watch Dogs: How real-world threats inspired Ubisoft Montreal's new open-world (EN) | www.joystiq.com
| 31-12-2013 | Once relegated to campy and inaccurate parodies in Hollywood movies, hacking is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. With the PlayStation Network, LinkedIn, Twitter and, most recently, Target all being attacked, as well as the countless attacks fielded by various "hacktivi...
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Vertrek woensdag 1 januari 2014 om 14:22 van Maaswijkstraat, Den Haag naar Station Den Haag Centraal (NL) | 9292.nl
Vertrek woensdag 1 januari 2014 om 14:22 van Maaswijkstraat, Den Haag naar Station Den Haag Centraal...
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None (EN) | None
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Report: NSA Spyware Makes Everything on Your iPhone Vulnerable (EN) | www.sys-con.com
| 31-12-2013 | The US National Security Agency can reportedly sniff out every last bit of data from your iPhone, according to leaked NSA documents published by German magazine Der Spiegel. Known as DROPOUTJEEP, the spyware is said to be one of the tools employed by the NSA’s ANT (Advanced or Acces...
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Apple denies involvement in NSA iPhone spyware (EN) | www.thedrum.com
| 01-01-2014 | Apple has denied having any knowledge of the NSA’s ability to hack into iPhones following the release of documents showing that the NSA created software allowing it to retrieve data from the devices.According to NSA slides dated 2008, the year after the first iPhone was launched, th...
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255,000 Irish users possibly affected by Snapchat hack (EN) | www.independent.ie
| 01-01-2014 | One of Ireland’s most-used daily messaging service has been hacked, with phone numbers and usernames published. Snapchat, which is used by 255,000 Irish adults on a daily basis, has seen some of its users’ details published on the internet by an organisation dedicated ...
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Criminals pilfer ATMs with malware infected USB drives (EN) | news.cnet.com
| 31-12-2013 | Using just a good old fashioned saw and a USB stick full of malicious software, criminals are able to deplete cash machines of their highest value bills. Robbing ATMs is nothing new. There's the everlasting stick-em-up, the bogus card scheme, ATM phishing, and more. But, i...
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Unique malware evades sandboxes (EN) | starbuck50.wordpress.com
| 01-01-2014 | Malware utilized in the attack last month on the developers’ site PHP.net used a unique approach to avoid detection, a security expert says.On Wednesday, security vendor Seculert reported finding that one of five malware types used in the attack had a unique cloaking property for ev...
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Govt starts imparting training to IT officials to stop cyber crimes (EN) | www.thefinancialexpress-bd.com
| 02-01-2014 | The government has started imparting training to some IT (Information Technology) officials of various government organisations to create awareness on fast growing cyber crimes that have emerged as a threat to the security of information and financial services.In the first...
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Hackers publiceren gegevens 4,6 miljoen Snapchat-gebruikers (EN) | tweakers.net
| 01-01-2014 | Hackers hebben een database met naar eigen zeggen telefoongegevens van 4,6 miljoen Snapchat-gebruikers online gezet. Het was al tijden bekend dat de telefoonnummers van Snapchat-gebruikers te achterhalen waren, maar de dienst ondernam lange tijd geen actie.De database werd online geze...
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