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One in two UAE students have been victims of cyber crimes, survey says (EN) | www.thenational.ae
| 10-12-2013 | Nearly half of the country’s teenagers have been a victim of online threats, a survey suggests. One in every two of the youngsters polled said they had encountered issues such as cyber bullying, identity theft and harassment.The study, by the International Co...
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Update: Kaiser Permanente breach affects 49,000 patients (EN) | healthitsecurity.com
| 10-12-2013 | No week is complete without a healthcare data breach in which a USB flash drive was either stolen or lost. This time, it was the Kaiser Foundation Hospital Orange County-Anaheim Medical Center alerting patients that their data had been compromised when a flash drive with their informa...
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US-funded Radio Free Europe again hit by hackers (EN) | www.nzherald.co.nz
| 11-12-2013 | PRAGUE (AP) U.S.-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty says its news services have been disrupted by a cyberattack for the second time in two months. The Prague-based broadcaster says the latest intermittent cyber warfare began Sunday. It says the attackers have been flooding compute...
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Cyber security conference warns GCHQ exacerbates ‘identity theft and fraud’ (EN) | www.thedrum.com
| 10-12-2013 | An Edinburgh cyber security conference has heard that British residents and businesses are being made ‘more vulnerable to identity theft and fraud’ as a result of the actions of government spy agency GCHQ.The claim was heard at the Cyber Risk Symposium, hosted by Napier University...
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OpenDNS Research: Top 5 Cyber Attacks of 2013 (EN) | mspmentor.net
| 10-12-2013 | Cloud-delivered Internet security services specialist OpenDNS released the findings of a report today on the top five cyber attacks of 2013. The company's research organization, OpenDNS Security Labs, took a look at malicious Internet events over the past 12 months to generate the rep...
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Hackers broke into poker pro's hotel room to install 'sharking' malware (EN) | www.theverge.com
| 10-12-2013 | This September, on the Barcelona leg of the European Poker Tour, Jens Kyllönen had a strange run-in with the the criminal underworld. He had busted out of that day's tournament early, but when he returned to his hotel room, his laptop was missing. He went downstairs to find his roomm...
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Adobe and Java files pose biggest threat to Windows systems (EN) | www.itproportal.com
| 10-12-2013 | Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and all versions of Java are together responsible for two thirds of vulnerabilities in Windows systems, according to a longterm study by an independent security consultant.The report by AV Test revealed that the PDF format is the most frequently used as a mal...
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MouaBad Android malware earns money by making phone calls (EN) | grahamcluley.com
| 10-12-2013 | If you’re old enough to remember the days before broadband, you may well recall the problem of Dialer trojan horses. Having infected your PC, they would commandeer your modem and make phone calls to expensive premium rate numbers â€" earning criminals money in the process.With the a...
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Smarter, Shadier and Stealthier Cyber Crime Forces Industry to Dramatic Change (EN) | www.marketwired.com
| 10-12-2013 | OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2013) - Sophos today released its latest Security Threat Report. The report outlines the significant changes in cyber criminal behavior over the course of last year and a forecast for their preferred methods of attack in 2014. This year c...
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Trend Micro: So-called Deep Web poses challenges for cybersecurity (EN) | www.upi.com
| 10-12-2013 | CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 10 (UPI) -- U.S. cybersecurity company Trend Micro said it expects law enforcement agencies will have a harder time tracking down cybercriminals moving deeper underground.Trend Micro published a report Tuesday highlighting its expectation for cybercrimes in the...
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Two-step security on mobile will be rendered useless in 2014, says Trend Micro (EN) | www.theinquirer.net
| 10-12-2013 | TWO-STEP SECURITY AUTHENTICATION, as recently adopted by Facebook and Twitter, will be rendered useless against cyber attacks on mobile devices in 2014, security firm Trend Micro has claimed.The security company predicted in its recent security intelligence report that mobile banking ...
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Hacker sentenced to two-year in Prison and $183,000 fine for One-Minute DDoS attack (EN) | thehackernews.com
| 10-12-2013 | Eric Rosol, A38-year-old hacker who joined an Anonymous hacker attack for just one minute has been sentenced to two years in Prison and ordered to pay $183,000 fine.In 2011, Eric participated in a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack organized by hacker collective A...
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Botconf - the 'first botnet fighting conference' (EN) | www.virusbtn.com
| 10-12-2013 | There are far too many security conferences each year for my agenda, budget and brain to handle, and thus I need to choose carefully which ones to attend. But when I first heard of Botconf, I knew immediately that it would be on my must-attend list.France seemed like an appropriate co...
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Microsoft Fails To Nuke ZeroAccess Botnet (EN) | www.informationweek.com
| 10-12-2013 | Attacks may be down, but 62% of the malicious infrastructure, along with the P2P communications channel, is alive and well. The ZeroAccess botnet remains alive, despite Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit (MDCU) last week joining forces with the FBI and Europol to scuttle the botnet.While...
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6 Tips To Secure Webcams, Stop Keyloggers (EN) | www.informationweek.com
| 10-12-2013 | If the FBI can activate webcams silently and record keystrokes, so can attackers. Here's how to defend yourself.If malware remotely activated a webcam -- without turning on the light -- or silently logged keystrokes and infected a PC, would it be detected?Don't be so sure. Marcus Thom...
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Saudi consumers 'vulnerable' to cyber-attacks, says study (EN) | www.hispanicbusiness.com
| 09-12-2013 | Three in 10 consumers in Saudi Arabia have experienced cybercrime in the past year, with bank customers across the Gulf "vulnerable" to identity theft and financial loss, according to a survey released on Monday. Consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton surveyed 350 online banking users in Riy...
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'Mystery' Malware Files Often Missed In Cleanup (EN) | www.darkreading.com
| 10-12-2013 | The newly disrupted ZeroAccess botnet was previously spotted putting a new spin on infecting a user: injecting itself into the download process of Adobe Flash. It used a new variant of the infamous Trojan that the victim's anti-malware program didn't yet recognize."It was pretty cleve...
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Companies still ignore DDoS attacks (EN) | www.scmagazineuk.com
| 10-12-2013 | Just days after NatWest Bank suffered a debilitating DDoS attack, a new survey has revealed that most businesses are still unprepared for this kind of threat.More than half the respondents to a survey by Corero lack adequate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defence technology. The...
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Who is scared of SCADA? (EN) | www.cio.com.au
| 11-12-2013 | Wearing embedded technology may just stop you dead in your tracks. Could the same happen if you adopt it in your business?If you wear an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker, insulin pump or cardiac defibrillator, you should be aware there are known vulnerabilities that could ...
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Organized crime law used in cybercrime conviction for first time (EN) | www.theverge.com
| 10-12-2013 | A new tool for prosecuting cybercrime appears to have emerged from a Las Vegas courtroom. Using a law classically invoked for targeting mafia and gang members, a federal court convicted a member of a web forum being used to facilitate identity theft.According to Wired, this is the fir...
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3 police stations to handle cyber crime cases soon (EN) | timesofindia.indiatimes.com
| 11-12-2013 | PUNE: Prevention and detection of cyber crimes will be easier for the city police soon, as the state government has sanctioned 100 police stations to solve cyber crimes in the state of which Pune will get three. Sanjay Shinde, deputy commissioner of police (cyber), confirmed the devel...
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