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CIC News for 09-12-2013 contains 20 articles

CIC News update contains 20 articles for today, have fun reading.

RBS: NatWest Site Hit By DDoS (EN) | www.techweekeurope.co.uk
| 09-12-2013 | A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack hit the NatWest website on Friday, preventing some users from properly using the RBS-owned banking site.Problems started late on Thursday and continued through to Friday, when the main attack took place, according to reports. RBS apologise...
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TechInsurance Publishes Guide for Reducing Cost of a Data Breach (EN) | www.sacbee.com
| 09-12-2013 | CHICAGO, Dec. 9, 2013 -- /PRNewswire/ --CNN reported Thursday that 2 million users of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and other sites were victims of a data breach involving stolen login credentials. While the incident is a black eye for these Internet giants, they likely have adequate fund...
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FBI uses malware to spy on suspects, but it doesn't always work (EN) | www.theverge.com
| 08-12-2013 | The FBI has an elite hacker team that uses malware to spy on suspects and even secretly turn on users' webcams. This sort of state-sponsored hacking has raised alarm among privacy advocates. But despite fears of a Big Brother police state, the FBI's hacking team is nowhere near all-kn...
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Straight Talk: Beware of holiday scams, frauds (EN) | www.cantonrep.com
| 08-12-2013 | The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about common holiday scams and frauds.Malware ecards: Viruses and malware often travel in email attachments or links. Don't click on an email from someone you don't know or a name your don't recognize. When in doubt, delete the ecard or ...
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Kudos to Microsoft for its takedown of NSA snooping (EN) | www.infoworld.com
| 09-12-2013 | In outlining new encryption plans, Microsoft's general counsel implies the NSA's surveillance activities bear similarities to the most pernicious malware threats.The U.S. government spends around $70 billion per year on IT, making it the largest IT customer in the world. I...
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Cross-Platform Malware: A Growing Threat For Computers (EN) | www.crime-research.org
| 09-12-2013 | There is a new threat in town when it comes to malware; it attacks without prejudice and it’s got cross-platform power. The same strain of a particular malware and virus, if it has cross-platform ability, can hit multiple OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux etc., simultaneously. It is...
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ZeroPoint is the malware cure that could be worse than the disease (EN) | www.theverge.com
| 09-12-2013 | The internet is, on balance, a very hostile place. More than 70 percent of all email traffic is spam, and a fair portion of that is malware and phishing attempts. One 2012 census counted 1.5 billion browser-based malware attacks. A recent Team Cymru map of globally compromised compute...
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Will car-hacking be the “next global cybercrime”? Senator’s letter inspires debate (EN) | www.welivesecurity.com
| 09-12-2013 | As wireless technologies and electronic controls are increasingly built into cars, vehicles could become vulnerable to hackers â€" either stealing information, or injecting malware, a U.S. Senator warned in a letter to 20 major auto manufacturers.The letter has reignited the debate ov...
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Cyber crime the greatest global threat to business today â€" EY survey (EN) | www.businessandleadership.com
| 09-12-2013 | With information security functions not fully meeting the needs in 83pc of organisations, 93pc of companies globally are maintaining or increasing their investment in cyber security to combat the ever growing threat of attack, according to a recent survey released by EY. ‘Under cybe...
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Cybercrime ignorance is a serious risk (EN) | www.net-security.org
| 09-12-2013 | Organizations who fail to recognize the threat posed by cyber crime are putting the livelihoods of stakeholders and customers at serious risk, and those organizations that regularly suffer breaches need to be publicly named and shamed with severe consequences for serial offenders, acc...
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Trusted Identities to Secure Critical Infrastructure (EN) | www.whitehouse.gov
| 09-12-2013 | Every week seems to bring news of yet another website hacked, user accounts compromised, or personal data stolen or misused. Just recently, many Facebook users were required to change their passwords because of hacks at Adobe, a completely different company. Why? Because hackers know ...
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Secure By Design - Part 2 Praying To False Certifications (EN) | www.digitalbond.com
| 09-12-2013 | Many asset owners would like a check box approach to security, where some independent, reputable organization certifies the system or component is secure by design. There are a growing number of security certifications that are trying to meet this need. Even if every ICS is a semi-cus...
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ENISA issues recommendations on SCADA patching (EN) | www.net-security.org
| 09-12-2013 | "How long can we afford having critical infrastructures that use unpatched SCADA systems?" the EU’s cyber security Agency ENISA asks, and advises EU Member States to proactively deploy patch management to enhance the security of SCADA systems. Much of Europe’s critical infrastruct...
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Man receives189-year prison sentence over credit card fraud (EN) | www.hispanicbusiness.com
| 09-12-2013 | ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- A prison sentence of 189 years handed down to a man who was found guilty of credit card fraud has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Appeals . Security forces started an investigation after receiving calls from numerous businesspeople reporting that their credit car...
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Cyber Warfare: The Black Hole of Online Crime (EN) | www.ibtimes.co.uk
| 09-12-2013 | Christmas is coming, and in the build-up millions of people across the UK will be shopping for presents online. But the Met Police has warned web users that it is a time when many could also become the victims of fraud.Earlier this year a Home Affairs Select Committee report listed th...
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Bill Would Ratchet Up Repercussions for Cyber-Bullies in Schools (EN) | www.njspotlight.com
| 09-12-2013 | Legislation seeks to criminalize online harassment, require kids and their parents to attend counseling Attempts to address the already high-profile problem of cyber-bullying in New Jersey’s schools could intensify dramatically under a bill making its way through the sta...
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Public, private bodies to share cyber crime data (EN) | www.the-star.co.ke
| 09-12-2013 | THE government plans to compel private and public institutions to start sharing data on cyber crimes through the ICT sector policy which is still under development.This will help the state to develop a better defence infrastructure against the crime estimated to be costing the economy...
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Veilig online in 2014: waar moeten organisaties op letten? (NL) | www.marqit.nl
| 09-12-2013 | Het jaar 2013 nadert zijn einde. Onderzoekers van FireEye hebben al vooruitgeblikt naar de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van malware in 2014. Komend jaar zal zich onder meer gaan kenmerken door minder Java zero-day exploits. Deze zero-day exploits zullen in 2014 voornamelijk browser-ge...
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FBI hackt webcams van gebruikers voor spionage (NL) | www.techzine.nl
| 09-12-2013 | Onlangs is bekend geworden dat niet alleen de NSA maar ook de FBI zich bezighoudt met het bespioneren van burgers, waarbij zelfs de webcams van burgers gebruikt kunnen worden. Dat dit niet altijd gaat zoals gepland blijkt wel uit rechtbankdocumenten. Het Federal Bureau of investigatio...
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'Opkomst Bitcoin Leidt Tot Golf Van Ransomware' (NL) | nutech.nl
| 09-12-2013 | Door de groeiende populariteit van de bitcoin, verschijnt er ook steeds meer malware die probeert betalingen in de digitale valuta af te dwingen. Dat stelt beveiligingsbedrijf McAfee tegenover de Financial Times.In het afgelopen kwartaal waren er volgens McAfee zeker 300.000 incidente...
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