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CIC News for 07-12-2013 contains 18 articles

CIC News update contains 18 articles for today, have fun reading.

FBI Malware Can Secretly Turn On Webcams, Track Web Use (EN) | www.inquisitr.com
| 07-12-2013 | FBI malware can be used in criminal investigations to track potentially dangerous suspects. However, such software toes the line of Constitutionality â€" the malware can follow your web use, track the physical location of your PC, and, perhaps creepiest of all, it can turn on your PCâ...
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Hostnet weer getroffen door DDoS-aanval (NL) | webwereld.nl
| 07-12-2013 | Het Nederlandse Hostnet werd zaterdag wederom urenlang getroffen door een DDoS-aanval. Donderdag was het hostingbedrijf ook al de klos. Hostnet was zaterdagmiddag opnieuw urenlang slachtoffer van een DDoS-aanval, waardoor sites van klanten offline gingen. "Onze excuses, wij zijn opnie...
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Microsoft Cybercrime centre to benefit Africa (EN) | pctechmag.com
| 07-12-2013 | Technology giant Microsoft recently opened a Cybercrime centre at the Company’s headquarters in Redmond, US and while the centre is based abroad, it will also monitor cyber security issues across Africa.Cybercrime is often associated with, or directly stems from, pirate and counterf...
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The true cost of cybercrime (EN) | medium.com
| 07-12-2013 | From a cybercrime perspective, the opportunities are boundless: Seemingly everything has a computer in it, cars and pacemakers included. It’s almost certain that the sophistication of exploits and attacks will increase, and that new exploit modes will surface with the ongoing comput...
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Meet Paunch: The Accused Author of the BlackHole Exploit Kit (EN) | krebsonsecurity.com
| 06-12-2013 | In early October, news leaked out of Russia that authorities there had arrested and charged the malware kingpin known as “Paunch,” the alleged creator and distributor of the Blackhole exploit kit. Today, Russian police and computer security experts released additional details abou...
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Point-of-Sale Malware - Just in Time for the Holidays (EN) | www.tripwire.com
| 06-12-2013 | Researchers warn of an increase in Point of Sale (PoS) malware attacks utilizing several strains of malware, including Project Hook and several variants of Dexter.PoS malware is designed to work right at the check stand, stealing user’s credit and debit card information and transact...
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Google Ziet Afname Spam Door Authenticatie (NL) | nutech.nl
| 07-12-2013 | Google ziet het gebruik van e-mailauthenticatie toenemen. Dat zorgt voor een vermindering van ontvangen spam, ook phishing-mails zijn door authenticatie minder effectief. Volgens Google is 91 procent van de bonafide e-mail die gebruikers van Gmail ontvangen voorzien van authenticatie....
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Symantec: ZeroAccess-botnet is al een stap verder (NL) | webwereld.nl
| 06-12-2013 | De strijd met het beruchte ZeroAccess is nog lang niet voorbij. Volgens securitybedrijf Symantec heeft de infrastructuur van het klikfraudebotnet al een grote update gekregen. Vanmorgen ging de vlag al zo’n beetje uit bij Microsoft en politiediensten. Zij sloegen inderdaad een flink...
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Bureau warns award email a phishing scam (EN) | www.timesrecordnews.com
| 06-12-2013 | A malware scam is posing as an award email from Microsoft, the Better Business Bureau warns â€" so don’t be fooled into downloading the attachment.The BBB said it’s not a letter of congratulations as the email claims. It’s a virus.How the scam works:You receive an email message ...
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ID breach may cost MCCCD $14 million (EN) | www.azcentral.com
| 06-12-2013 | A massive data breach at Maricopa Community Colleges was a result of staff errors in the information technology department, and the estimated cost of fixing the problem and aiding victims could rise as high as $14 million.An official with the Maricopa County Community College District...
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Data breach may affect 97,000 Utahns with workforce benefits (EN) | www.sltrib.com
| 06-12-2013 | As many as 97,000 Utahns receiving benefits through the state Department of Workforce Services may be impacted by a data breach through JPMorgan Chase.The banking giant informed DWS on Thursday that its servers affecting UCard customers â€" similar to a debit card â€" were hacked from...
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Government Ends Investigation Into App's Use of Customer Data (EN) | www.cio-today.com
| 06-12-2013 | Charles King, principal analyst at the firm Pund-IT, said the data skimming flashlight app is unusual. "I haven’t heard of any app/developer being quite that stupidly bold," King said. "But apps containing or masking malware have been around for a while on Google Play, the Apple App...
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FBI’s search for ‘Mo,’ suspect in bomb threats, highlights use of malware for surveillance (EN) | www.washingtonpost.com
| 07-12-2013 | The man who called himself “Mo” had dark hair, a foreign accent and â€" if the pictures he e-mailed to federal investigators could be believed â€" an Iranian military uniform. When he made a series of threats to detonate bombs at universities and airports across a wide swath of th...
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Collaboration Leads to Botnet Takedown (EN) | www.govinfosecurity.com
| 06-12-2013 | The partial takedown of ZeroAccess, one of the world's largest botnets, is an example of the role that collaboration between business and law enforcement can play in battling cybercrime.Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, collaborating with the FBI, Europol's European Cybercrime Centre a...
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EU cyber security Agency ENISA argues that better protection of SCADA Systems is needed (EN) | www.enisa.europa.eu
| 06-12-2013 | How long can we afford having critical infrastructures that use unpatched SCADA systems, the EU’s cyber security Agency ENISA asks? ENISA argues that the EU Member States could proactively deploy patch management to enhance the security of SCADA systems. Much of Europeâ€...
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DHS drafts network protection plan, but Congress dithers (EN) | gcn.com
| 06-12-2013 | The Homeland Security Department is the lead agency in the government’s effort to protect the nation’s privately owned critical infrastructure, but the department still is struggling to define its relationship with entities over which it has little or no authority. This is not all...
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Hacker Verdiende 2,3 Miljoen Met Malwareprogramma (NL) | nutech.nl
| 06-12-2013 | De Russische hacker met bijnaamPaunch zou ruim 2 miljoen dollar hebben verdiend aan de verhuur van malwareprogramma's. Dat meldt Krebsonsecurity op basis van documenten vrijgegeven door de Russische politie.De hacker werd in oktober al gearresteerd door de Russische politie, samen met...
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Microsoft dient ZeroAccess-botnet rake klappen toe (NL) | www.zdnet.nl
| 06-12-2013 | Microsoft heeft samengewerkt met het European Cybercrime Centre van Europol en de FBI om het ZeroAcces-botnet een fikse slag toe te dienen.Het ZeroAccess-botnet is een netwerk van door malware geïnfecteerde computers. Een computer kan geïnfecteerd raken door ZeroAccess na een bezoek...
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