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CIC News for 06-12-2013 contains 16 articles

CIC News update contains 16 articles for today, have fun reading.

ENISA luidt noodklok over ongepatchte SCADA-systemen (NL) | www.security.nl
| 06-12-2013 | Het Europees agentschap voor netwerk- en informatiebeveiliging (ENISA) luidt de noodklok over de systemen die voor de kritieke infrastructuur worden gebruikt. Die blijken namelijk in veel gevallen met patches en beveiligingsupdates te worstelen, als er al updates beschikbaar zijn.SCAD...
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Secure your Apache server from DDoS, Slowloris, and DNS Injection attacks (EN) | www.techrepublic.com
| 04-12-2013 | Find out which three modules to install on your Apache server to lock it down and prevent DDoS, Slowloris, and DNS Injection attacks.Apache is the most widely used web server on the planet, and it's also one of the most widely attacked. To that end, it's always smart to lo...
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Cybercrime Unit being upgraded, strengthened, says commissioner (EN) | www.crime-research.org
| 06-12-2013 | "In fact, the Cybercrime Unit will now be upgraded to a stand-alone division and we have been promised significant financial and technical support from an external partner to build out this capability within the next year to 18 months, because it is anticipated that there's going to b...
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Look What I Found: Moar Pony! (EN) | blog.spiderlabs.com
| 05-12-2013 | In our last episode of "Look What I Found" we talked about a fairly large instance of the Pony Botnet Controller. With the source code of Pony leaked and in the wild, we continue to see new instances and forks of Pony 1.9. One of the latest instances we've run into is larger than the ...
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Stolen Password Analysis Exposes Foolish Choices (EN) | www.technewsworld.com
| 06-12-2013 | Often, neither the companies that harbor user passwords nor the users who create them practice smart security. Tools were available that could have prevented the keylogger theft of almost 2 million passwords from Facebook, Google and other popular sites, suggested security analyst Avi...
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Lessen trekken naar de toekomst (EN) | www.computable.nl
| 06-12-2013 | Wat hebben de vliegramp bij Tripoli, de explosie bij Chemiepack in Moerdijk, de incidenten bij Odfjell in Pernis en de Diginotar kwestie met elkaar gemeen? Ze zijn stuk voor stuk onderwerp van onderzoek geweest voor de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid¹.Deze doet onafhankelijk onderzoek...
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Facebook herstelt ruim 318.000 gestolen wachtwoorden (BE) | datanews.knack.be
| 05-12-2013 | Hackers hebben ruim 2 miljoen wachtwoorden voor populaire websites gestolen. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn en ADP hebben de betreffende wachtwoorden gereset. Yahoo en Google reageerden nog niet. Hackers konden beslag leggen op ruim 2 miljoen wachtwoorden voor populaire inter...
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Crypto protocols mostly crocked says euro infosec think-tank ENISA (EN) | www.theregister.co.uk
| 31-10-2013 | It's past time to plan the abandonment of legacy crypto, warns the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) in a new 96-page study providing recommendations for crypto designers that also says most protocols are hard to install in a secure fashion.The good ne...
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PHP Flaw Threatens Embedded Linux Devices (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 05-12-2013 | A security vulnerability first identified and patched two-and-a-half years ago remains a threat today. An old flaw is being actively exploited and is now threatening the new Internet of things (IoT) world. Security researchers at Symantec reported on a Linux worm on Nov. 27, and this ...
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Software Vulnerabilities Lead to Internal Security Problems: Kaspersky (EN) | www.eweek.com
| 05-12-2013 | Kaspersky Lab points the finger at legitimate software applications for being at the root cause of cyber-security incidents. While malware is a potential hazard for all organizations, security risks within legitimate software applications often lead to internal cyber-security incident...
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‘Kuwait tops usage of social websites in the Arab world’ (EN) | www.arabtimesonline.com
| 05-12-2013 | KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Kuwait University Dr Yaqoub Al- Kandari was quoted as saying Kuwait is seen as one of the countries that uses the social networking websites, particularly ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ the most among the Arab ...
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Microsoft disrupts cyber crime ring (EN) | www.itweb.co.za
| 06-12-2013 | Microsoft said on Thursday it had disrupted the largest network of compromised personal computers, involving two million machines around the world, since it stepped up its battle against organised online criminals three years ago.The Redmond, Washington-based software giant filed a la...
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Black hole found in the internet (EN) | news.techeye.net
| 06-12-2013 | Security experts have found a big black hole in the Internet which is now being used by someone to suck up personal data like a giant Dyson.According to Wired, two security researchers at the DefCon hacker conference demonstrated a massive security vulnerability in the worldwide inter...
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Indore: Industries lose Rs 18K cr/yr to cyber crimes (EN) | www.dnaindia.com
| 06-12-2013 | India comes at 11th position when it comes to reporting to these crimes Indian industries are very much vulnerable to data breach and confidentiality breach as they do not have proper systems in place and lose $ 4 billion (Rs 18,800 crore) annually due to cyber crimes said Rakshit Tan...
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Microsoft ontregelt groot botnet (NL) | www.telegraaf.nl
| 06-12-2013 | Softwaregigant Microsoft heeft weer een kwaadaardig computernetwerk een gevoelig klap toegebracht. Het ZeroAccess-botnet werd voornamelijk gebruikt voor klikfraude, waarbij massaal op advertenties geklikt wordt en de inkomsten hiervan naar de beheerder van het netwerk gaan. Een botnet...
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Android malware could reach 1 million milestone by end of year (EN) | www.ciol.com
| 06-12-2013 | NEW DELHI, INDIA: At the end second quarter of 2013, Trend Micro said that mobile malware and the high risk Android app malware continues to grow by the end of this year.According to the report, Android malware has reached dubious one million milestone before year ending. The major re...
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